Why you should only shave your legs late at night


[Photo: Pexels]

However rewarding we tell ourselves leg shaving is, it sure is a hassle, and often ends up being done as a rush job first thing in the morning before work.

But apparently, this isn’t the time we should be ridding our legs of stubble.

Beauty experts told the Mail Online that we should really be shaving our legs last thing in the evening (unless you don’t shave - in which case, keep doing what you’re doing).

That’s because as we sleep, our legs warm and swell up a little, resulting in the little hairs on them retreating back into their follicles.


[Photo: Pexels]

This means that we should be actively avoiding shaving in the morning - because by that time, those hairs are hidden in their follicles and easily missed by your razor.

And for bath fans out there, a word of caution: Don’t shave after 15 to 20 minutes in the water, as your skin will be wrinkled and harder to achieve a close shave against.

Most importantly, if you shave in the evening, you’ll get that smooth-legs-against-sheets feeling. So for an optimum smooth-leg experience, why not put some fresh sheets on your bed too?

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