Why IT workers aren’t afraid of AI

Over half of IT workers feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks they have to do in a day according to new research commissioned by GoTo and conducted by OnePoll. The international poll of 1,000 U.S.-based, 250 U.K.-based and 250 India-based IT decision-makers found 58% overall feel overwhelmed — 78% in India, 60% in the U.K. and 53% in the U.S. On any given day, the average IT worker only has the capacity to support 85% of the tickets they receive. And while roughly half are easy for IT teams (50% in the US, 48% in the UK, and 46% in India), nearly one-third (29%) of tickets are considered difficult to resolve. IT workers also reported they are frequently responsible for a range of additional tasks within their organization, which may contribute to feeling overwhelmed. Respondents said they are responsible for addressing cybersecurity issues (39%), internal security issues (26%), and lack of budget (25%).