Here’s why you probably feel older than you are

How old do you feel? A new study has found Americans over 45 feel 12 years older than their actual age, on average. The poll of 2,000 Americans aged 28 and older, split evenly by generation, found 55% of people who feel older than their actual age blame joint pain, and 45% have held back their daily lives because of it. A majority of Americans (85%) experience some sort of joint pain, half of those don’t realize there is a direct correlation between increased muscle strength and reduced joint pain when in fact there is. Less than half (47%) feel optimistic about finding lasting relief. Commissioned by Motive Health, Inc. and conducted by Talker Research, the study found that people who feel older than their actual age said it manifests through body pain (55%), getting tired easily (48%) and feeling overall less active (31%).