Why is owning a home so important to British people?

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Why do we consider having our 'own home' to be so important? (Picture: Getty)

Owning your own home is seen by many as a milestone but nowadays, getting on the property ladder is harder than ever and for some, just a dream.

According to a YouGov poll that asked people if, assuming they could afford it, whether they would buy a house or rent it, 84% of Brits would rather own their own home.

Just 9% said they would rent, while the rest didn’t know.

The older you are, the most likely you are to prioritise owning a home, the poll suggested, with 91% of over-65s saying they want to own rather than rent, compared to 64% of 18 to 24-year-olds.

Conservative voters are more likely than average to want their own home (92%), while women are more likely than men to want to buy rather than rest (87% vs 81%).

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Is owning a home about feeling that you belong? (Picture: Getty)

It seems that despite the huge cost and difficulties that come with buying a property, we all still prize owning our home above renting.

But why is that?

The topic is up for debate on this week’s episode of Yahoo UK and YouGov’s podcast Britain Is a Nation Of..., which looks at homes.

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Speaking on the podcast, property journalist Jenny Wood says: “I think it’s about having your own space and somewhere that you come home to, whether it’s rented or owned that’s yours, that you feel expresses your personality, where you feel comfortable, hat you can just relax in.

“To be honest i think most of us, that’s one of the reason we want to own somewhere.”

Tips on making a rental property a home

Nowadays there are plenty of ways to make a rented property into a home, says Jenny.

Here are a few of her tips:-

  • Start off with Instagram, says Jenny. “There’s a growing number of people who rent but have done amazing things.”

  • Use hooks that don’t leave holes in walls

  • Look at wall decals that can be removed easily. “There’s even removable wallpaper now that you can put on and peel off at the end of your tenancy without leaving a mark.”

  • Use big rugs to cover up carpets you don’t like.

  • Ask landlords if you can make changes. “Some landlords don’t mind if you’re going to improve the space, it’s always worth asking.”

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