Why Was Everyone Wearing The Same Shoes At Chloé's PFW Show?

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Everyone Wore The Same Shoes At Chloé's PFW ShowJULIEN DE ROSA

When we think about front-row fashion, it's usually of looks that speak of individuality pulled from the designer in question's most-recent collection. Rare is it that VIP guests will wear the same piece of clothing as they each want their moment in the spotlight, promoting their own style prowess as much as supporting the show they're there to witness. But, now and again, an item or styling trick will emerge that celebrities are willing to co-sign on. The latest happens to be Chloé's platform sandals.


At Thursday's show, which was also the debut from new creative director Chemena Kamali, a line-up of talent did just that by each choosing to wear the same shoes by the Parisian label. When photographed sat together, they made for a pretty picture as the shoes lined up in tandem, making for a convincing pitch to be the shoe of the season.

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Wearing the style were non other than Liya Kebede, Sienna Miller, Kiernan Shipka, Georgia May Jagger, Pat Cleveland, Anna Cleveland, Anne Watanabe, Suzy Bemba, Manon Bresch, Clémence Poésy, Alice Isaaz, Kathryn Newton, Thomasin McKenzie, Marisa Abela, Eva Danino and Lou Lampros. And breathe.

So, what's the fuss with this shoe? At first glance it feels definitively Chloé. Pulling from the house's bohemian legacy, the platform style befits the house codes in being part polish, part free-spirit and in turn looks to the Chloé that the likes of Liya Kebede and Sienna Miller will recognise as being its Noughties hey-day signature. Its chunky platform clog-like heel is a million miles away from the dainty stilettos and kitten heels trending at present to instead be a clear marker on a new breakthrough in footwear for next season. Platforms are much easier to walk on all day than your classic knife-thin heel, while the slingback sandal style makes them perfect for summer days. The versatility of the shoe was plainly illustrated here in the different ways the front-row guests wore them, moving from Miller's white lace-trimmed slip pairing through to Abela's wide-leg jeans.

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A quick email to Chloé's press team confirms to ELLE that the shoes are called 'Maxime' and were briefly spotted on the catwalk in the closed-toe iteration. Here, they were styled with a look that again proved Kamali's return to the original Chloé girl that will be especially nostalgic for those that remember the chokehold the brand had in the mid-Noughties when it was the definitive It-girl favourite. The popularity of this shoe already hints at a return to form.

ELLE has reached out to Chloé for additional details, and, more importantly, a shopping link.

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