Why Emily Andre chose to have Botox: real reason

Emily Andre is known for her low-maintenance approach to beauty, even telling fans on Instagram that she only has her ultra-long hair cut and coloured once a year because she is "so lazy," so it came as a surprise when the 33-year-old shared in her OK! column that she'd decided to have Botox.

However, the mum-of-two didn't have the cosmetic procedure to preserve her youthful looks. She opted for the aesthetic treatment to ease her migraines, which were so bad that they made her vomit and lose her sight in one eye.

As an NHS doctor, Emily knew there were several treatments available and tried them all to ease her migraines, but Botox along her forehead is what has helped her the most.

Emily and Peter Andre in smart clothes
Emily and Peter Andre in smart clothes

She noted that to keep migraines at bay, Botox should be administered every 12 weeks, but she struggles to keep up with the appointments amid her busy life working and parenting her and Peter's children Millie and Theo.

Peter's wife comes from a family of doctors, with her brother Tom, who owns an aesthetics clinic, advising that she try Botox for her migraines.

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Emily Andre in her brother's clinic
Emily Andre in her brother's clinic

Tom's clinic is called Azthetics, with locations in the southwest in Bristol, Weston and the family's hometown of Taunton.

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Botox (Botulinum Toxin A) relaxes the muscles, with people also opting for the treatment to ease teeth-grinding, which can also cause headaches.

Migraines are often treated through unexpected procedures, with Meghan Markle saying she was hospitalised with migraines before opting for acupuncture, which helped stop her headaches.

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