Why Deborah Meaden refuses to be defined by her age

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Deborah Meaden is Prima's June cover starHearst Owned

Deborah Meaden is Prima’s June cover star. She talks to us about the joy of tango, life with her husband Paul, why age doesn’t matter and why she has no regrets.

In the new issue of Prima, on sale today, the entrepreneur, and Dragons’ Den investor says: “Age is just not present in my life. If we start labelling ourselves as of a certain age, we stop ourselves from doing things, and I’m interested in giving things a go.

“Paul and I still have dance lessons. The tango teacher started saying things like ‘When you get to a certain age, your balance can be affected,’ and I said, ‘Can I stop you there?’ My issue is, ‘Am I healthy enough to do the things I want to do?’ And I am.”

More than 10 years after competing on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, the star reveals she and Paul still have one-to-one tango lessons every week. “We love it, and for those two hours, there is nothing else. Paul is everything.”

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The Dragon adds that while she is often away travelling, it’s Paul that looks after the house and the garden. “He used to cook for me too but that’s stopped now that I’m vegan,” she says. “It’s lovely for me that I come back and there isn’t a pile of things and him saying ‘we need to sort this out’. He keeps a handle on everything. I chose well.”

One thing you definitely won’t find Deborah doing is looking back with regret. “I’m not a regret kind of girl!” she says. “I’ve definitely done stuff that I’m not pleased with, but I deal with it or I dump it. I don’t carry it around with me. Regret never adds anything to anybody’s life.”

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