Why You Should Chill Your Bowl Every Time You Eat A Salad

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Many people struggle with how to get their families to eat more vegetables even though they know about the benefits of including veggies in their diets. Learning to make salads you love can be a great way to consume more fresh veggies. Still, plenty of people think salads are boring and unsatisfying. If this sounds like you, then you may want to consider the mistakes many folks make when making salads. Adding fats, protein, and a dressing you love are options for making a salad feel like a full, delicious meal. There's another easy way to improve your salads that doesn't involve adding extras. All you need is a chilled bowl.

If you've ever had an amazing salad at a restaurant that's seemingly simple to make and thought, "Why don't the salads I make taste this good?" you're not alone. The answer may not be about ingredients at all. It might be about the temperature of the salad. There are plenty of foods that we all serve immediately after preparing them. For instance, you don't want your hot soup to get cold or your bowl of ice cream to melt. If you don't think of your salad this way, though, you need to think again. Cold salads should be served cold and putting them into cold dishware is important for achieving this. It just may be the thing that sets that restaurant salad apart from the ones you've been making at home.

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A Chillier Salad Is A Tastier Salad

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Next time you're going to prep a salad, simply stick the bowl you plan on using in the fridge or freezer. Your bowl should only require about 15 minutes in the refrigerator to reach the ideal temperature. If you want quicker results, just a few minutes in the freezer should do the trick. Just make sure that you don't leave your bowl in the freezer long enough for it to get frosty since you don't want any unnecessary wetness affecting your salad ingredients. If your bowl does get frosty, give it a few minutes to recover from the chill before serving up your salad.

Using a chilled piece of dishware for your cold salad ingredients will keep them colder longer and make your salad more refreshing and delicious. If you're serving salad to guests or just want to give your salad a bit of extra attention, you can even chill your fork for an even fresher effect. While it may not seem like something that will make a big difference, this is a typical practice for restaurants. It makes for an easy way to improve your salad that doesn't require much more effort or adding in any more ingredients.

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