Why Chelsy Davy could be Prince Harry's hacking trump card

Prince Harry has finished giving his witness testimony during his second day in court testifying against the Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN). But what are the Duke of Sussex's chances when it comes to winning this landmark legal case?

HELLO! sat down with legal expert Antony O’Loughlin, the Director and Head of Litigation & General Counsel at Setfords Solicitorsto get all the details on the landmark lawsuit – the first in 130 years to see a royal appear in court. From exploring why Harry has chosen to join over 100 other individuals in bringing this case to court, to looking at when we can expect to see the judge deliver a verdict, O'Loughlin had all the answers for our newsletter.

The Setfords Solicitors director's greatest insights came when asked to discuss what evidence Harry may have which will help him win the expensive case. O'Loughlin identified Harry's relationship with former girlfriend Chelsy Davy as a potential trump card.  He suggested the likelihood of a source having been able to pass on information about the relationship (rather than someone having hacked his voicemails) appears unlikely.

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"[Harry] has given the example of how [the press] knew exactly how many times Chelsy had called him at one point. His argument is, 'Well, how could even her closest friends have known [that]?'... That's the sort of evidence he'll be presenting to the judge to basically say, 'There's no way these stories could have been written without illegal activities'."

Whilst Prince Harry's Chelsy Davy evidence would appear to tip the scales in his favour, she is no smoking gun.

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