Why the Bridgerton cast say this scene from season 2 is 'cursed'

Words cannot describer how happy we are to have Bridgerton back in our lives. Our Whatsapp groups are popping off and our evenings are considerably brighter. But just because we're loving every minute of the new series, doesn't mean that filming the series was a walk in the park (aka a turn about the gardens). In fact, there was one scene in particular that the cast say was 'cursed'.

The second instalment of the Netflix show began filming slap bang in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, and despite the cast and crew's best efforts, that's the reason season 2 was slightly delayed.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Filming in the midst of a pandemic wasn't easy, according to the cast who detailed the challenges in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan UK. In fact, according to Polly Walker (Portia Featherington) and Bessie Carter (Prudence Featherington) there was one scene that was abandoned and re-shot so many times the cast called it "cursed."

When speaking about the challenges of filming during covid Carter explained, "Like many productions we shut down because of covid, and we did shut down during one of the balls- I think we filmed that ball like four times?" she explained.

We went back to that same ball and those same costumes - and we never wear the same costume twice so it was really weird to then put back on the same costume four times."

According to Walker, "It was the ball that never happened," to which Carter responded, "The cursed ball! That's what we kept calling it, 'the cursed ball'."

Cursed or not, we can't wait for the next one!

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