Get ready for banana flour: Whole Foods announces 2020 food trends

Bye, bye normal flour. [Photo: Getty]
Bye, bye normal flour. [Photo: Getty]

Ever wondered what you’ll be eating in 2020? If you think about food as much as we do, the answer is probably yes.

Lucky for us, Whole Foods has announced its food trends for next year and there are some good ones. From butters to fridge snacks, there’s a lot to like about Whole Foods’ predictions.

The list has been compiled by a team of food trend analysts, including experts, buyers and foragers who know a thing or two about what we shovel into our mouths.

Here’s the low-down on what will be popular (and not so popular; see ya, Soya milk) next year.

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1. Regenerative agriculture

Thankfully we’ve seen a rise in environmentally friendly food practices this year. A term you’ll probably see popping up more frequently in 2020, though, is regenerative agriculture.

Simply put, it means helping the environment, but at a more grass roots level. If 2019 focused more on the sustainability of the packaging of the foods we eat, 2020 will hone in on environmentally-friendly processes at the growth stage.

2. Alternative flours

Think banana flour.

3. West African influences

Earthy tomato-based dishes will start to pop up more frequently in 2020. We’re also likely to see more West African inspired restaurants launching.

Is there any way we can make this trend start earlier so we can benefit from the warm spices in this not-so-warm weather?

4. Fridge snacks

Snacking is our favourite sport, so to hear that snacking is going to be making an alternative comeback in 2020 is music to our ears.

We’re not talking a KitKat during the sugar slump, either. Fresh snacks - which have been made ahead of time (we envy people who manage to make any food ahead of time) - will reign supreme.

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5. Turning our backs on Soy

Soya milk was the OG of the plant-based milk contingent, but now, it has been overtaken by some worthy competitors.

It’ll fall further down the pecking order in vegetarian and vegan diets in 2020 as it gets overtaken by pumpkins and avocados.

6. Butters

Who else is bored of almond butter? Never fear, 2020 will bring a whole host of new nut butters.

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7. Alternative sugars

Say goodbye to honey and agave.

Next’s year’s fancy alternative sugars to ask for are made up of pomegranates and coconut.

8. Appealing to “flexitarians”

If you want to help the environment but can’t imagine Sunday morning without a bacon sandwich, 2020 is your year to shine.

Meat-veggie burgers will become a thing for those of us not prepared to give up meat.

9. Alcohol-free drinks

White Claw took America by storm this year. It seems indicative of the times, as people turn their backs on alcohol.

If you’re not a big fan of alcohol, you’ll be thrilled by the rise in infused waters and non-alcoholic gins.

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