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Where to buy collectable coins and notes from Queen Elizabeth's reign

Where you can buy commemorative Queen Elizabeth II coins. (The Royal Mint)

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth a year ago today, on 8 September 2022, a lot has changed. We've crowned King Charles III, changed the words to the national anthem, and gradually, the King will replace his mothers portrait on all British money and stamps.

Many of us in the UK grew up knowing only one monarch, and therefore, are keen to commemorate her historic 70 year reign with a memento we can hand down to generations to come.

A popular, small token is a commemorative coin from The Royal Mint, who have revealed that some of its 2022 dated coins will actually no longer be available to buy after 31 December 2023 - many also have limited numbers of stock remaining.

Coins start at just £5, rising to £15,000 for collectable and very limited-edition versions, of which there are only a few thousand available.

To own a part of history, we've found a selection of more affordable commemorative Queen Elizabeth coins to shop before it's too late.

Shop The Royal Mint's Queen Elizabeth II coin collection

The Modern Monarchs Starter Set | £95

(The Royal Mint)
(The Royal Mint)

This six-piece set pays homage the Britain's modern monarchs from the past three centuries of succession, from Queen Victoria all the way to the current King Charles III.

Penny Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II | £25

This set commemorates Queen Elizabeth II's historic 70-year reign by bringing together her definitive coinage portraits during her time on the throne.

The £1 Coin & Banknote Set | £45

This £1 Coin and Banknote Set contains a UK ‘round pound’ coin from 1983, along with a 12-sided UK £1 coin from 2016 and a Bank of England £1 banknote, along with a booklet detailing the history of the pound.

Milestone Years of Queen Elizabeth II | £99

This set features coins issued by The Royal Mint during key years in the life of Queen Elizabeth, including her Silver, Golden, Diamond and Platinum Jubilee alongside from her final year of reigning monarch.

Queen Elizabeth II 2012 Scotland £10 Diamond Jubilee Banknote | £63

This uncirculated bank note pays homage to Queen Elizabeth's reign on one side and the other depicts Lord Llay, the first governor of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth II Isle of Man £1 Banknote | £15

This rare banknote features the uncrowned portrait of Queen Elizabeth II as well as the map of the Isle of Man and the triskelion motif and on the reverse shows St John’s Church on Tynwald Hill.

The Queen Elizabeth II Memorial 2-coin Set | £49.95

This set includes a 1953 Five-Shilling Coronation Crown and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2022 UK £5 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin. The reverse pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II’s longstanding reign while the other side presents the official coinage portrait of her successor King Charles III.

Queen Elizabeth II 50p Effigies Set | £37.50

This 50p set includes a 2022-minted coin featuring four effigies of Queen Elizabeth II, with portraits famously crated by Arnold Machin RA, Raphael Maklouf, Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS and Jody Clark.

25 Years of the £2 Effigies Set | £45

This exclusive presentation is limited edition and only available in 2,022 sets. It features every coinage portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that has appeared on the UK £2 coin with the edge inscription on each coin reading ‘STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS’.

The Queen's Reign Charity and Patronage 2022 UK £5 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin | £14.50

This £5 uncirculated coin is a memento to the late Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations that also features a reverse design by the artist and illustrator P. J. Lynch of traditional Maundy coins.

The Queen's Reign The Commonwealth 2022 UK £5 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin | £14.50

Also paying tribute to the Platinum Jubilee and the Queen's 70-year rain is this £5 coin which is the first collection to feature The Queen’s signature on one side, and a flag-themed reverse design on the reverse by artist and illustrator P. J. Lynch to symbolise the countries of the Commonwealth.

The Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen 2022 UK 50p Brilliant Uncirculated Coin | £11

This Platinum Jubilee 50p coin is the first time The Royal Mint celebrated a royal event on a coin. On one side it features a tribute to the Queen and on the other is a graphical celebration by design agency Osborne Ross.

1991 Queen Elizabeth II Annual Proof Set | £60

This complete annual set is home to seven 1991 UK coins featuring portraits of the Queen and reverse designs by Christopher Ironside and Leslie Durbin. Each coin and been struck to proof standard and the stand allows it to sit neatly above your fireplace or on a windowsill.

1957 Queen Elizabeth II Sovereign | £845 from The Royal Mint

This coin was the first mass-produced, 22-carat gold Sovereign of Her Majesty's reign in 1957. The year was a poignant year for the Queen who made her first visit to the USA. It was also the year of her first televised Christmas broadcast.

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