Cadbury’s Orange Twirl is back for good: Where to buy online

Cabdury’s Orange Twirl is back for good: Where to buy online
Cabdury’s Orange Twirl is back for good: Where to buy online

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You'd be hard-pressed not to have noticed the hype around orange chocolate recently.

From Orange Smarties to Giant Orange Buttons, they've sold out in supermarkets and created quite a buzz on social media.

In short, orange chocolate is a pretty hot commodity right now, and none more so than the Orange Twirl from Cadbury's.

The bars first went on sale last year and chocolate fans up and down the country flocked to shops to get their hands on them.

The problem was, just as we'd all incorporated the sugary treat into our lives, the limited edition run came to an end and we were left bereft.

So you can imagine our excitement when we heard that the popular chocolate bar was back, and back for good.

If you're got some self-control, you can buy a single bar from Cadbury's Gift Direct:

Buy it: Cadbury Orange Chocolate Twirl | 69p from Cadbury's Gift Direct

If you're more a bulk-buy type of person (we get you) then you can get your hands on larger packs from Amazon.

5 Bars Cadbury Orange Chocolate Twirl | £5.19 from Amazon

If your orange chocolate obsession is strong, or you just fancy trying something different, we've also found a couple of - equally as delicious - orange choccie treats.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Fingers Chocolate Biscuits | £3.70 from Amazon

Giant Dairy Milk Orange Buttons 4 Pack | £9.25 from Amazon

Orange Bars, Fingers & Giant Buttons Limited Edition Selection | £22.99 from Amazon

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