Where is the real Amy Loughren from Netflix's The Good Nurse now?

Where is the real Amy Loughren from Netflix's The Good Nurse now?

One of the newest movies to be released on Netflix is The Good Nurse, a dramatisation of the crimes of serial killer Charles Cullen. Starring Eddie Redmayne as Cullen and Jessica Chastain as Cullen's friend and colleague Amy Loughren, the film is already in the number one spot on Netflix, despite only being released a few days ago (26th October).

Charles Cullen is one of the most notorious serial killers in the U.S., having been found guilty of murdering 29 of his patients whilst working at various hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Rather than focused directly on Cullen and his life, the movie is told from the perspective of Amy, who is secretly battling a heart condition and raising her two young daughters as a single mum. As the movie progresses Amy becomes more involved with the police in helping them to catch Cullen and eventually get a confession out of him.

everything the good nurse left out about the real charles cullen case
Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain in The Good NurseNetflix

But how involved was the real Amy Loughren in the case of Charles Cullen? And where is she now?

This is everything you need to know about Amy Loughren.

What did Amy Loughren do in the Charles Cullen case?

The real Amy Loughren is a nurse who worked with Charles Cullen at his final hospital before he was arrested for his crimes.

Amy lived in upstate New York and worked at Somerset Medical Centre in New Jersey. Just like in The Good Nurse, Amy has two daughters, Alex and Maya.

Amy was incredibly close to Cullen before finding out the truth of his crimes, referring to him as her "closest friend" on her website, sharing how she confided in Cullen and trusted him with her life.

However, in 2003 detectives visited Somerset Medical Centre after several patients had died to look at abnormal lab reports. One of the detectives showed the list of names and drug dosages Cullen had taken out to Amy. She told People: "It was very, very obvious there was something not right.”

where is amy loughren now
The real Amy Loughren at the premiere of The Good NurseDia Dipasupil - Getty Images

Amy knew something was not right and wanted to help police stop Cullen before he could hurt anyone else.

Before helping the police she asked her eldest daughter Alex, who was 11 years old at the time, if it was ok for her to be helping with the investigation.

Amy said: "I told her, 'Our lives might completely change. I don't know if I can do this to you.'"

And her daughter Alex replied: "Mum, he's murdering people."

She then began working with detectives and agreed to wear a wire to a restaurant with Cullen. During their meal Amy confronted Cullen about the murders at the hospital and offered to go to the police station with him, so he could hand himself in.

His whole demeanor reportedly changed and he said to her: "I'm going to go down fighting."

Cullen was then arrested and brought to the police station. Just like in The Good Nurse, Amy assisted the police in getting Cullen to confess to his crimes.

What happened with Amy's heart condition?

In The Good Nurse, Amy's heart condition is a big part of the plot, with Charles Cullen helping her to hide it from their employers so she can work long enough to get her health insurance.

In real life Amy did have a heart condition but it wasn't as serious as it was depicted in the movie. Her heart is now ok after experimental heart surgery 18 years ago.

Where is Amy Loughren now?

As told at the end of The Good Nurse, the real Amy Loughren lives in Florida with her daughters and grand children.

Amy left her job as a nurse in 2003 after Cullen's arrest as she wanted to understand more about herself and how she was able to be so close to a murderer.

She is now a reiki master, hypnotherapist, meditation instructor and crystal language reader.

where is amy loughren now
Amy Loughren and her daughtersKate Green - Getty Images

From the looks of her Instagram she appears to have travelled around the world, posting pictures from France, Italy, Switzerland and Costa Rica in the last two years.

Amy was slightly involved in the making of the movie, having met with the director for lunch before production even began, in order to confirm the true parts of the story.

She has seen The Good Nurse and said in watching it, she has been able to become proud of what she did all those years ago, "I showed up as a mum. I showed up as a nurse. I showed up as a friend. The only reason Charlie is not still murdering is because of my friendship with him," she told People.

Amy will also be starring in the documentary about the case Capturing The Killer Nurse which airs on Netflix from 11th November.

The Good Nurse is available on Netflix now.

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