Where is Love is Blind season 3 based and filmed?

Netflix’s hit reality show, Love Is Blind, has returned for a third season, with 30 single contestants coming into the pods in search of finding the one.

This season of the show, which premiered on 19 October, follows the same format of the first two seasons, as contestants form a connection with each other and get engaged through a wall, also known as the pods. Following their engagement, couples then get to meet in person and move on with the next stage of the experiment, before officially getting married.

While only seven episodes of the season have aired, viewers have already seen five couples get engaged. According to Netflix, episodes eight through 10 will be airing on 2 November, which is when viewers will find out if these couples decided to tie the knot or not. The cast reunion episode will air on 9 November.

Although each couple has formed a unique relationship, they all follow similar routes on their quests for love, as they journey from the pods to their joint honeymoon, and then finally, to their hometowns. This is where Love Is Blind is filmed, where the newest season is based, and where the couples went on their honeymoon.

Where is Love Is Blind season three filmed?

The majority of season three of the dating show was filmed in Dallas, Texas, which is where all the contestants this season are from. The first two seasons of the series also included contestants from the same city, with season one filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, and season two filmed in Chicago, Illinois.

As confirmed by Variety in March, Love Is Blind began filming season three right after season two wrapped in the summer of 2021.

In the newest episodes of the series, the five couples returned to Dallas to continue the experiment and officially introduce their new partners to their families.

Where is Love Is Blind season 3 based?

While the contestants are from Dallas, they made their way to Los Angeles County for the pods, where their journeys to find love began. After settling in and being introduced to hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey, contestants enter the pods, where they go on dates without ever seeing one another in person.

According to TheCinemaholic, the pods are based in the movie studio LA North Studios in Santa Clarita, a city north of Los Angeles.

Where do couples go on their vacations?

After leaving the pods with their soon-to-be husbands and wives, couples get to have some one-on-one time and take a trip to Malibu. This is the new honeymoon spot in the series, as season one and two couples went to Mexico after getting engaged.

Earlier this month, Vanessa told Bustle that the honeymoon vacation switch from Mexico to Malibu was “strictly because of Covid, if [they’re] being honest,” since cast and crew members had to be quarantined and get tested properly.

She also praised the vacation spot, adding: “Malibu was a beautiful setting.”