Where Are the Love Is Blind Couples Now?

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While, statistically speaking, you're 50% less likely to wind up divorced if you wait three years or more to get married in the first place, Netflix’s must-watch 'three week experiment' reality dating show Love Is Blind has had the nation truly gripped over the last month.

We’ve watched, glued to the screen in shock and awe, as men and women looking for love got to know each other through speed dating-esque pods. Before meeting in person, they then had to decide if they wanted to get married.

Now, the dramatic multi-wedding-day finale has dropped on Netflix and, unsurprisingly, it was an explosion of sweet vows, crying parents and runaway brides.

But even though the show only premiered this February 2020, fans will be surprised to hear that it was actually filmed much longer ago. In an interview with Refinery 29, contestant Damian Powers revealed the show finished filming on 15 November 2018.

Which means the couples have had to keep their relationships a secret for a staggering 14 months. And if these guys can meet, fall in love and get married in just three weeks, just imagine what might have happened in all the time since?

With that in mind, here’s what the Love Is Blind contestants have been doing since the show.

1/ Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers

Giannina Gibelli quickly became a fan favourite thanks to her free spirited personality and endless confidence. The one person who perhaps didn’t agree, though? Her husband-to-be Damian, who didn't go through with their marriage in the finale.

Aside from giving us an epic runaway bride situation in the final episode, complete with muddied white wedding dress, she also gave us enough straight-talking one liners to demand her own Netflix reality show. 'I don’t regret anything. I’m mourning. But from the ashes comes a Phoenix,' she said after the jilting. Perhaps her mum put it best though, when she exclaimed, 'Everything is s**t.'

However, until that dream show becomes a reality, the small business owner is still hustling, working away at the entrepreneur life, and serving us literal fire on Instagram. You do you, G.

Damian Powers was responsible for the most brutal dumping of the finale - not only choosing not to marry Giannina, but also full-on blaming her for his change of heart. 'I’ve stayed consistent from day one, but you have not,' he said.

However, despite Giannina literally running for the hills afterwards, he optimistically added, 'Love IS blind... It doesn’t mean it’s over. We might need time apart, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be part of each other’s lives again.'

Since then, it doesn’t appear that the couple have actually got back together. Damian’s been travelling around Europe in the intervening months, and been supporting the charity boxing match initiative ‘Brawl for a Cause’.

2/ Amber Pike and Matt Barnett

Despite some initial competition, Amber and Barnett's relationship went on to be one of the most honest and successful of the series, with the two getting married in the final episode.

'Considering where I was in life before I came into this experience, I would never have guessed I’d be in a wedding gown right now, with a ring on my finger, and whole new last name. I wouldn’t have believed it!' said Amber.

The ex-tank mechanic also recently revealed the reason why she was out of work during filming Love Is Blind after being cruelly trolled. It turns out she was injured at work and had to wear a surgical boot. 'Just a little throwback FYI for everyone that’s so concerned with why I was out of work during filming of #LoveIsBlind,' she wrote alongside a picture of her in the boot. 'I’ve been working since I was 14 thank you very much.'

Barnett *may* have been branded a f**kboy at the start of the series and he *may* have not answered Amber’s calls on the morning of his wedding day, *but* the popular contestant stayed true to his word and eventually married Amber. He also delivered one of the sweetest speeches of the finale. 'I can’t imagine a life without you,' he told her at the altar.

Though, cheekily, he followed it up with, 'No regrets - not today. We’ll see down the road. Just kidding.' But their relationship certainly seems like one of the most genuine and real on the show.

Barnett continues to keep his cards close to his chest when it comes to their relationship post-show, but the easy-going guy seems to be having a lot of fun travelling the world, judging by his Instagram account.

3/ Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes

Things didn’t look good for Kelly and Kenny’s burgeoning romance when, on the morning of their wedding, Kelly confessed, 'I don’t know if I’m 100% in love with him… that love that I had for my ex-boyfriend, I don’t have that crazy infatuation for that man.'

They also hadn’t had sex yet, for that same reason. So it wasn’t a surprise when Kelly decided not to marry Kenny, saying at the ceremony, 'I can’t marry you, and I hope you can respect that decision of mine.'

She added afterwards, 'My feelings for him were not as intense as his were for me.'

Now, Kelly continues to work as a health and empowerment coach, delivering wellness advice on Instagram and helping women to 'love their bodies, career, and relationships.' And she’s still friends with Giannina!

While it didn’t work out with Kelly, Kenny had someone else fighting for his affection in the finale. 'God, I love this guy!' said Kelly’s mum, four glasses of champagne in, after his impromptu post-dumping speech to their gathered family and friends.

Post-ceremony, poor Kenny made it clear he didn't want to speak about his and Kelly’s future. 'We’re not getting married, and I don’t know if we’re going to maintain a relationship, and quite honestly it doesn’t matter either way,' he said before asking the producers to stop filming.

While they haven’t been spotted together since, Kenny’s busy with other projects post-filming. Like his castmate Damian, Kenny is also raising money for Atlanta charity event, ‘Brawl for a Cause.’ He also moved from Atlanta to North Carolina, and has found true love in furry form: by adopting an adorable dog named Penni.

4/ Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas

If being on Love Is Blind wasn't enough to make headlines, Jessica Batten also got everyone talking when she shared a glass of red wine with her golden retriever Payton.

Though this wasn’t a red flag for her fiancé, who said 'I do' at the altar. Unfortunately, the feeling wasn't mutual and Mark was met with an 'I cannot' from Jessica. She then made this sensible declaration to her potential husband, who she had reservations about since meeting face-to-face: "I don’t think either one of us is ready to take us on."

Jessica added, 'For some people, love is blind, but for me, it’s not.'

Since the show, the Atlanta-based regional manager has revealed her biggest regret since filming - and it doesn't involve turning Mark down. 'I definitely have never done that before; I won’t do that again,' she told Entertainment Weekly in reference to the much-talked about doggy wine drinking debacle.

Last time we saw Mark, he was being comforted by his adorable mum with the words 'we’ll cry together' after being left at the altar by Jessica.

Reflecting on the experience, he said, 'Even though Jessica and I did not get married, I strongly believe love is blind.'

Now, the 24-year-old personal trainer is still following his fitness career at the Solcioty Fitness gym in Atlanta.

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton

If there was one couple we were sure would stick together until the end, it was Lauren and Cameron. And despite some worries before the wedding, with Lauren admitting, 'I feel like I won’t decide until the words actually come out of my mouth,' the two became Mr & Mrs Hamilton.

'I’ve been looking for Cameron for thirty years - apparently, he was looking for me, too. I’m glad we finally found each other,' said Lauren after their wedding.

Now, Lauren has built on her career as a content creator to become a producer, director, model and creative. So, you could say the new Mrs Hamilton has been busy!

In the series, Lauren expressed doubts about moving into Cameron’s place, but it looks like she may have moved in after all since getting married. An Instagram post - captioned 'Home is where the heart is' - looks very much like Cameron’s house.

'She has everything that I’ve always dreamed about in a partner. I’m so thankful that we got to meet each other through this unorthodox method,' Cameron said in the series finale.

Cameron is continuing his career as an AI scientist. He also got us very excited when he posted a pic of him with a little baby to his Instagram. We wouldn’t be surprised if the pitter patter of tiny feet is on the horizon for these two…

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