Where is Boomers on Netflix filmed and where is it set?

Credit: BBC

With BBC sitcom Boomers, having dropped on Netflix, the comedy classic has got fans old and new hooked, sending it straight into the streaming site's Top 10 list. If you've started the show and have been wondering where it's filmed, you're not alone. 

Originally airing on BBC, Boomers follows three retired couples adjusting to a slower pace of life and focuses on the funny side of getting older.

Featuring an all-star cast with Stephanie Beacham, June Whitfield and Gavin & Stacey alum Alison Steadman, this gentle comedy is well worth a watch - especially if need a pick me up.

As viewers rediscover the series on Netflix, many are desperate to know more about the setting of the sitcom and visit its stunning filming locations.

Where is Boomers on Netflix set?

Boomers is set in the fictional seaside town of Thurnemouth. Cheekily dubbed 'Norfolk's only west-facing resort' in the show, the quaint town is thought to be based on the real Victorian seaside town of Hunstanton in Norfolk.

Surprisingly, the majority of Boomers wasn’t filmed in Norfolk at all, though, with filming mainly taking part in Kent.


Where is Boomers on Netflix filmed?

The majority of Boomers was filmed in the Kent seaside town of Herne Bay, near Canterbury

Just a stone’s throw away from Whitstable and Margate, Herne Bay boasts brightly coloured beach huts, a pier with a helter-skelter and a stunning pebble beach.

Despite Herne Bay being a favourite for tourists and day trippers, there was another reason why the seaside town was used as the setting for Boomers.

When asked about using the Kent town as a double for Norfolk, producers Hat Trick revealed that they’d settled on the Herne Bay in order to save money.

"Whilst Boomers is set in the fictional town of Thurnemouth in Norfolk, the seaside scenes were actually shot in Herne Bay in Kent," revealed a spokeswoman, adding, "Simple budgetary reasons I’m afraid."