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The wheat bag under £15 that will keep you warm without heating

This wheat bag will keep you warm without heating
Swap your hot water bottle for a microwaveable wheat bag. (Getty Images)

During this cost of living crisis we're all looking for quick and energy-efficient ways to help us stay warm.

While you may be thinking you have an old hot water bottle somewhere in your house, Dr Hilary recently told ITV’s Lorraine that hot water bottles are only designed to last up to three years from manufacture and there can in fact be some pretty serious consequences if it has expired.

So, if you're looking for a new cosy companion to help keep you warm this winter, we've found a great Heated Wheat Bag that currently has 35% off, taking it down to under £15 – it also has a few different uses that'll come in super-handy.

The Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, even recommends a wheat bag as an affordable way to stay warm this winter, as it can cost as little as 1p per hour. For additional heat, he recommends buying a sleeping back to place it in as this traps the heat inside.

Why we rate it

Unlike hot water bottles, where you have to wait a couple of minutes for the kettle to boil and then carefully pour scorching water into the rubber contraption. A wheat bag is even quicker to heat up – you simply pop it in the microwave for a minute or two (heating instructions come with the bag and will vary depending on your microwaves wattage).

This one is also larger than a hot water bottle, at 46cm x 12cm so it's long enough to wrap around your neck or sit on your tummy. It'd also be great to wrap around your socked feet too if, like us, you've got chilly toes from the cold.

Filled with wheat and a sprinkling of lavender for a soothing scent, the wheat bags are very versatile, which you'll quickly find is the perfect way to ease a myriad of niggles, from sore muscles to neck, back and arthritis discomfort; period pain and knee pain, to name a few.

The soft wheat bag is a great alternative to a hot water bottle. (Qomfor Store)
The soft wheat bag is a great alternative to a hot water bottle. (Qomfor Store)
Simply put the heatable bag in the microwave, follow the instructions and enjoy feeling cosy. (Qomfor Store/ Amazon)
Simply put the heatable bag in the microwave, follow the instructions and enjoy feeling cosy. (Qomfor Store/ Amazon)

£12.99 £19.99 at Amazon

So whether you're working at home, or cosying up on the sofa watching films, it's a genuinely soothing way to keep warm.

It's safe to use too and is compliant with the globally used British Safety Standard for microwavable personal warmers. The wheat warmer is eco-friendly because it's filled with (99%) wheat and the (1%) lavender gives it a lovely, calming, subtle, scent.

Prices range from £9.99 - £12.99 depending on which of the seven colourways you choose – we especially love the pale pink and the Christmassy red.

What the reviews say

And, with nearly 2000 customer ratings, with an average of 4.4 out of five stars, it's proving to be a popular buy for various reasons.

Many reviewers commented favourably about the fact that the wheat in this heat pack is evenly distributed and doesn't move, unlike many other similar products and that it stays warm "for a long time."

It's also a winner on the pain-soothing front, which is clearly why someone's chiropractor recommended it to them. And loads of other customers loved the way it helped their discomfort, leaving comments like: "eases back pain" and "helps a lot".

The soothing lavender scent was a plus point as well, not to mention the fact that it retains the heat for a decent amount of time, too.

Other praise included comments like "really loved this", "highly recommend", "heats up great", "value for money".

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(Qomfor Store / Amazon)
(Qomfor Store / Amazon)

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