What's the perfect thing to write in a retirement card?

what to write in a retirement card
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When a colleague or friend retires, it can feel like the end of an era. Whether a much-loved team member is leaving to enjoy more family time or well-deserved holidays, or a friend is coming to the end of a successful career, chances are you'll be thinking about sending them a congratulatory message to mark the milestone achievement. But what should you write in a retirement card?

No matter how well you know someone, it can sometimes be difficult to summarise years of friendship or a working relationship into a heartfelt yet simple message. Fear not though, because we've compiled a list of our favourite short but sweet messages to send to the recently retired, whatever your relationship to them.

What to write in a retirement card

The best retirement messages often combine a little humour or emotion with a celebratory note. You can make your retirement card message more personal by adding in a funny work memory or if you didn't work closely with the recipient, mention of an especially impressive work achievement could be a great alternative.

retirement card messages
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How to make a retirement card personal

If you're feeling like starting a craft project, then making your own retirement card is a great way to make a card personal. We especially love this easy to make pop-up card! Alternatively, there are plenty of customisable cards on the market so you can add a photo or tailored message to your design.

If you have a close working relationship with the person retiring, consider including some of your favourite memories with them, or if you don't then it's always nice to show you enjoyed working with them by mentioning something they taught you or helped you with. Of course, if you've worked as someone's boss, it's a nice touch to thank them for being a valued member of your team.

What is the best message for a retirement card?

The best message for a retirement card will depend on your relationship to the recipient. Keep things short, professional, and thoughtful for lesser known colleagues, while you can add something more fun and creative for friends. You could use the messages below as a starting point for most people.

  • Wishing you a relaxing retirement as you enter this new chapter of your life

  • Congratulations on your retirement and I hope it's filled with many exciting times ahead

  • It's been great to work with you. I'll always remember when (*insert work related memory here*)

  • Thank you for being a valued team member for the last (*insert years of service*) years. I've enjoyed working with you and please stay in touch

Best retirement cards to shop in 2024

We love these retirement cards for adding a fun and personal touch to your message.

What should I write in a retirement card for someone I don't know very well?

You can keep things professional and concise for people you haven't worked closely with. We like the below messages that are short but sweet.

  • With best wishes for a happy and relaxing retirement

  • Congratulations on your retirement! Now it's time for a well deserved break

  • Thank you for your contribution to the team over the years

  • Wishing you a fulfilling retirement filled with everything you love

What should I write in a retirement card for my boss?

Depending on your relationship with your boss, you can tailor the below messages accordingly.

  • Thank you for your advice, support, and mentoring over the years. Wishing you a happy retirement

  • Thank you for having me as a part of your team. I've enjoyed working with you and learning from you. I hope you enjoy your retirement

  • Happy retirement! You'll be missed, please stay in touch

  • Congratulations on reaching your retirement, what an achievement!

What should I write in a retirement card for a close colleague or friend?

  • Congratulations on your retirement. Work won't be the same without you!

  • Hoping your retirement is everything you want it to be and more, you deserve it.

  • Happy retirement day! I'll miss seeing you at work everyday, but we'll organise a celebratory drink soon!

  • Wishing you a restful retirement filled with fun and freedom. I still laugh when I think about (*insert personal memory here*)

How do you end a retirement card message?

The sign-off on a retirement card should encapsulate the overall tone of your message. 'Best wishes' or 'Thanks again' work well for someone you're not super close to, whilst 'Love from' or 'Lots of love' could feel more appropriate for friends and close colleagues. If you're stuck, you can't go wrong with simply signing your name.

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