Tell Me A Boomer Opinion That Makes You Pause And Say, "They Have A Point"

Recently, I came across this viral tweet about a person's most "boomer-est opinion," which kinda made me do a long, hard think.

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While there are certainly exceptions to this, in my own life as someone with too-scared-to-leave-the-house social anxiety, I definitely found this hot take to be true. With the help of therapy, I've learned the necessity of developing a tolerance for my discomfort. Even though it's challenging and unpleasant, over time, the more I've done the hard things, the easier they become (classic therapy for ya!).

Anyhoo, I'm curious to know your own "boomer" opinions. Maybe it's a hard truth, tough love, or just some advice taught by a boomer that is genuinely very useful. Perhaps it's something our millennial or Gen Z peers don't consider. So tell me, what's your "boomer-est" opinion?

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Maybe your most boomer opinion is that you actually find video — in the form of reels, TikTok, etc — extremely annoying and concerning. You'd rather read; when you read, you can skim or CTRL+F on the page for what you want to know, and usually, the content is much more thorough. You also have found you're losing patience more quickly because of how easy it's become to scroll and get to something more exciting.

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Perhaps your boomer opinion is on parenting. You're a teacher and see wayyyy too many students struggling because there's no support at home. Your students have become so reliant on screens, and compared to your students even 10 years ago, you see less ability to be self-sufficient.

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Maybe your boomer opinion is that you genuinely believe that many things were better "back in the day," at least regarding products. Everything you buy falls apart, so now you seek out vintage appliances and goods, especially household goods and clothes, because they last so much longer.

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Whatever your "controversial" boomer opinion is, I wanna hear it! Let me know in the comments or by filling out this anonymous form. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.