What's Behind the ‘Bambi Pose,’ Social Media’s Latest Selfie Craze?

Elise Solé
The Bambi pose has taken over social media. (Photo: Elisa Johnson via Instagram)
The Bambi pose has taken over social media. (Photo: Elisa Johnson via Instagram)

First we had fish gape. Then we had finger mouthing. Now, just in time for spring, we have the “Bambi pose,” a new selfie trend that’s gone viral on social media.

Women all over Instagram, including celebs such as Bella Hadid and Jordyn Woods, are contorting their bodies into coquettish, childlike poses with splayed legs and lifeless facial expressions. So what’s the appeal?

fry day. @jwlalive #jwlasocialpartner

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“These poses convey a submissive, provocative quality that’s definitely sexual,” Lillian Glass, PhD, a body language expert and human behavior analyst, tells Yahoo Beauty. “It also draws focus to the butt because the women aren’t seated as they normally would on the floor. It’s not exactly a power pose.”

Susan Constantine, a body language expert who trains law enforcement and the Department of Defense, also tells Yahoo Beauty, “These women are saying, ‘I am forbidden fruit — it’s very Lolita-like. They’re in a semi-fetal position that’s very vulnerable and submissive. All they need is a pacifier.” Ahem.

@laquan_smith even has me together at the pool

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If you’d like to try the Bambi pose, just be sure to angle towards your left side — turns out, it may be your best side.

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