What every mother needs before she has a baby

Myleene Klass
Yahoo Lifestyle

There are no hard-and-fast rules about what you really need when you are having a baby but here is my list of essentials for both you and the baby once you have given birth.

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For baby:

•    Babygrows – these are an absolute must and you should have at least eight as you will be staggered how many you will need to wash in a day; it is also a good idea to get at least one pack of tiny baby ones just in case you deliver early

•    Vests

•    A Moses basket or cot plus lots and lots of sheets (if you are getting a Moses basket or crib you don’t actually need to buy your cot for a few months)

•    Cellular blankets to wrap baby in

•    At least a dozen muslins and bibs – the best things in the baby world

•    Steriliser – go for one that looks easy to use and, if you have time, practise using it before you go into labour, as following instructions is the last thing you will be able to do once you are sleep-deprived

•    Bottles – get a few small ones to start off with and make sure you get a newborn teat (yup, it’s a whole new world – bottle teats come in different sizes for different ages); we chose Avent bottles mainly because the make is everywhere, so easy to get hold of in case of emergencies

•    Car seat – again practise putting it in and out of your car and make sure it is ready in your car for the big arrival

•    Nappies – note that some makes have different newborn sizes according to weight (as if you are not confused enough in those first few days!); get a selection – you can always exchange them

•    Cotton wool for changing nappies

•    Baby wipes

•    If you are going to bottle-feed choose a formula and get some stock

•    If you have any intentions of breast-feeding get a breast pump – electric ones are easiest to use

•    Nightlights so that you can reach the baby in the dead of night without tripping up

•    Room thermometer so you don’t have to worry about baby overheating

•    Little bath which can go inside the big bath – we chose a great one from Mothercare after realising she was a slippery little fish in the big bath

•    Changing mat – or maybe two in case one gets covered in poo and you need to make an emergency nappy change (get one with a removable towel so it is not too cold)

•    Pram – look around and see which ones you like being pushed about

•    Papoose or baby sling – this isn’t a must but we both get lots of use out of it and it is a particularly great way to get your partner to feel close to the baby

For you:

• A bumper pack of big sanitary towels for when you bleed after the labour – and some giant knickers to accommodate them

• Waterproof sheet for under your covers in case of a lot of bleeding

• Breast pads

• Snuggly clothes with big arms to cuddle you in the first shocking few days of motherhood

You will also discover a new appreciation for your washing machine, if you have one, as it will become the most used item in your house for several years to come.

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