This is what your favourite book genre says about you

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What genre of books you read can tell a lot about your personality. (Getty Images)

Haven’t you heard? Reading books is cool again.

It’s largely thanks to the onset of #booktok – the side of TikTok where creators share their favourite reads – as the phenomenon has translated to book sales, with nearly 90 million books being purchased thanks to BookTok in 2022 alone.

One of the reasons why BookTok has been so successful could be because it allows readers to meet like-minded people who read the same genres as they do, from fantasy, to romance, thriller, and action.

However, the genre that you tend to gravitate towards could actually be rather telling in terms of your personality traits.

A new survey of 2,000 adults found that people who read action books are more likely to tip for services, while romance readers daydream the most, but are more likely to worry often.

However, those who read biographies are less likely to harbour regular worries.

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Thos who read romance are more likely to day dream. (Getty Images)

Of all the genres, the survey found that fiction was the most popular, followed by mystery and crime, and then romance.

The survey respondents said they spent an average of 10 hours a week reading, with those who prefer historical fiction or thriller books more likely to spend longer reading.

Over half (59%) of the Apple Vacations survey respondents said they prefer to read from their bed, while 51% liked the comfort of their couch.

Nearly three-quarters of people (71%) said they enjoyed reading so much that that made it a priority over chores that needed to be completed.

Over half (51%) said that books are an essential packing item when going on holiday, and romance books were deemed the most popular to travel with, followed by adventure books, crime, fiction, and thrillers.

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Romance, crime, and thrillers are popular holiday reads. (Getty Images)

However, while book sales might be up, recent research found that most British adults read just two or less books per year, with a further 39% claiming they no longer read books at all, and 16% saying they had given up on books for good.

Despite this, the study from The Works found that 35% of the population read more than six books per year, and 60% of people are likely to start reading to their children from birth.

What your favourite book genre says about you

  • Romance: a daydreamer and worrier.

  • Action: more likely to tip.

  • Biography: less of a worrier.

  • Thriller: spends more time reading than others.

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