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We've got the inside track: Here's what people are searching for on Amazon right now

Ice cream makers, graphic tees, water shoes — these items are filling up carts this summer.

Trendspotting just got a little bit easier. (Amazon)
Trendspotting just got a little bit easier. (Amazon)

Amazon is full of surprises — that’s how the mega-retailer keeps shopping interesting for us regular folk. Even more surprising? The products people are searching for and dropping in their carts. Of course, Amazon has the inside track on what people want — what they’re buying changes from season to season and week to week. But the mega-retailer let us in on a few secrets we’d like to share with you. We put together a list of the items people are shopping for the most right now.

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From flowy dresses to ice cream makers, below are the items that are trending on Amazon right now.

"Italian summer" is capturing the attention of shoppers — if you don't know exactly what this trend is, you're not the only one. To best describe it, it's just about anything you would wear on the Amalfi Coast if you're staying at a White Lotus-type resort. We're talking flowy dresses, wide-brim hats and giant sunglasses á la Jennifer Coolidge. Right now, we're eyeing this drapey frock as we fantasize about hopping on the next plane to Salerno.

Long and flowy, this maxi dress has the effortless summer style everyone is looking for. Just right for hot days, it's got spaghetti straps to show off those sun-kissed shoulders and the no-waist silhouette gives you freedom of movement while keeping it breezy.
"I didn’t expect to love this," shared a five-star fan. "As a 59-year-old, I haven’t worn spaghetti strap anything in years! But I absolutely loved it and thought it was very flattering. It was flowy and just beautiful, colors very vibrant."

$30 at Amazon

Can you even imagine summer without ice cream? I certainly can't and apparently Amazon shoppers can't either. While going to the ice cream parlor is a summer tradition, you can mix up your own flavors at home with a machine. There are several popular models out there — Cuisinart makes the list with a couple of models along with some retro machines, but the No. 1 bestseller is the Ninja Creami.

The Ninja Creami is one hot kitchen commodity — it lets you create all kinds of tasty concoctions, including ice cream, sorbet, smoothies, milkshakes and more, with a mix-in feature for upping the ante.
A "fantastic buy," confirmed one reviewer. "... I must say, my purchase of the Ninja Creami left me absolutely thrilled. Not only can I craft velvety ice cream, but I can do so without the less-than-desirable ingredients often found in store-bought varieties."

$197 at Amazon

You can never have too many fun T-shirts. Amazon shoppers are clamoring for shirts that are more than just cute — they have to have a message too.

There's no end to all the different graphic tees you can find on Amazon, but since the Fourth of July is coming up, we thought this Born in the USA shirt from the Boss was the best patriotic selection we could make. 

$14 at Amazon

It's shaping up to be a hot summer! Heat waves seem to be coming and going at a high frequency and if you don't have central air conditioning, there are a few pretty good portable units to check out.

Try to stay cool this summer. 

$300 at Amazon

It's the season for water sports, but even if you're not into water skiing or water polo, a good pair of water shoes is the problem-solving footwear you want to check out. From water socks to Crocs, non-slip, quick-drying shoes that you can wear in a lake or on dry land are just right for that next vacation.

These water shoes have more than 14,000 five-star ratings.
"I have plantar fasciitis and was concerned I would be limping around the pool," shared one rave reviewer. "These are very comfortable; the heel is cushioned and they are easy to put on."

$28 at Amazon

Amazon has its own ecosystem for trending products, but there are other shopping trends around the web worth checking out — and of course, you can find the items on Amazon.

Whether you're wearing boy shorts under your dresses (I highly recommend the Hanes version) or you like wearing boxers to bed on hot summer nights, you can't beat the comfort of boxer shorts.

These soft and flowy shorts are just what hot summer nights are calling for. This 3-pack has more than 2,000 five-star fans.

"Oh my gracious!" wrote a rave reviewer. "I love these shorts! They are buttery soft. They stretch beautifully! As someone with a large butt, usually I struggle with PJ shorts riding up and showing butt cheekage. Not these! They are long enough to keep everything covered when bending over. These are the perfect lounging shorts for hot summer nights in Texas!"

$25 at Amazon

Pale earth tones surrounding furniture with a breezy feel is about right for the season (it's the same season year-round in California!). Not quite traditional and not quite modern, there's a slew of pieces to lighten the feel of your abode.

This simple chair comes in six different colors and it's versatile enough to match most decor. 

"This is the second chair I’ve purchased in this style," wrote a rave reviewer. "I LOVE the style and design. Wide seating, quality leather webbing, and beautiful (in this case, raw) wood. I don’t like ‘upholstery’ and leather can be hit or miss. This fits my bedroom perfectly and provides casual but elegant seating in a corner next to the fireplace. Comes fully assembled."

$323 at Amazon

You don't want to get caught outdoors without shades to protect your eyes. Amazon has hundreds of sunglasses to choose from.

Tend to be a little rough on your shades? These have a sturdy plastic frame and cellulose lenses that are made to last. They also offer a UV-protective coating to save your peepers. Polarized lenses help you see clearly, even when the sun is at its blazing-est.
"These were my first pair of polarized sunglasses, and I can tell you I am never going back," said a satisfied shopper. "They protected my eyes from the glare when driving, and if you are like me with light-sensitive eyes, then these are a must! The fact that they are cute and and stylish and match any outfit is a plus!"

$15 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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