'What were we thinking?' David Beckham cringes over garish wedding day

David Beckham cringes over his wedding to wife Victoria credit:Bang Showbiz
David Beckham cringes over his wedding to wife Victoria credit:Bang Showbiz

David Beckham cringes over his wedding day and admits he left most of the arrangements to his wife Victoria.

The former footballer married the Spice Girls star in a lavish ceremony at Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland in July 1999 with guests wearing bright purple outfits and the newly-weds perching on golden thrones - and David has confessed he looks back on their big day with amazement.

In his new Netflix documentary 'Beckham', he said of the wedding: "I think I just took Victoria's lead on it but what were we thinking?"

However, Victoria has no regrets over the glitzy ceremony, saying: "It was fun! ... We weren't worried about what people were going to say. I mean Christ, how lovely to be that way when you just don't really care you just want to express yourselves."

Although the pop star-turned-fashion designer admitted she wasn't as sure about the couple's golden seats, adding: "I don't know where the thrones came from".

In the documentary, fans are also given a peak at the saucy speech given by Beckham's best man Gary Neville, who made a rude joke about Victoria's Spice Girls bandmates.

Gary told guests: "David said the Spice Girls requested the Bayern Munich team be present today and David was puzzled at this request and asked why. The Spice Girls replied that they'd like to meet any men who could stay on top for 90 minutes and still come second!"

The four-part documentary details the sports star's rise to fame as well as his relationship with Victoria, who opened up about her fury when she found out her husband had been booked to shoot a Pepsi commercial in the US when she was due to give birth to the couple's third child Cruz at a hospital in Spain.

She said: "[David said] 'Yeah, I've got to do a shoot with Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce'. I was like, 'Are you.. 'Seriously, I'm about to burst, I'm on bed rest. Are you kidding me?

"You've got a damn photoshoot with Jennifer Lopez who is gorgeous and not about to have a baby."

Beckham was able to be with his wife for the birth, but Victoria wasn't happy seeing the pictures of him with the two superstars in the papers.

She added: "So I had my C section and I remember lying there, don't feel at my most gorgeous, let's just say, and I remember someone showing me the front page of the newspaper which was a gorgeous picture of David between Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce and the headline was 'What would Posh say?'

"Let me tell you want Posh would say. Posh was p***** off."