What's The Weirdest Way Someone's Ever Asked You Out?

I'd be willing to bet that pretty much everyone who is actively dating or has been on the dating scene in the past has some wild stories to share. From dating app disasters to first dates gone awry to messy breakups, everyone can probably agree that the dating pool is full of pee!

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Some dating stories, whether they're ultimately good or bad, are just so wild and jaw-dropping, that they're meant to be shared. Whether they're meant to inspire hope, make someone laugh, make someone gasp, or help others commiserate, they deserve some attention.

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So, I guess I'm just curious to hear about one of your dating tales. Specifically, I'm dying to hear about the wildest way someone has ever asked you out on a date.

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Maybe you met someone cute at a bar who really wanted to make an impression, so they hopped up on the bar and serenaded you in front of everyone. You were actually really charmed by the gesture because you're basically an early 2000s rom-com character, so you said yes to a date with them.

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Perhaps you were in a public speaking class in college, and you had a classmate who you always caught staring at you. For the class's final exam, everyone had to prepare a five-minute speech arguing a specific point. This particular classmate got up to present, and it turns out their entire speech was a list of reasons you should go on a date with them. You were absolutely mortified and did not end up accepting the date.

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Or, perhaps you matched with someone on a dating app and ended up giving them your social media handles. Apparently, they did some excessive digging on your Facebook, because they found your mom and messaged her about what an awesome person they were and how they'd be a great match for you. They tried to get your mom to help them plan a date for the two of you, but your mom quickly called you to tell you what a creep they were. Both you and your mom blocked this person from all online platforms you could find.

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Soooooo, what's the wildest or strangest way someone has ever tried to ask you out? What happened? Tell your story in the comments or submit anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.