This Weird New Gadget Means You Can Fill Your Banana With Anything You Want

banana loca shark tank banana filler on tiktok
The Banana Loca Is Taking Over TikTok@jasminebellepak

TikTok has given us some true gifts over the past few years. Baked Feta Pasta, Custard Toast, Pesto Eggs and even nifty gadgets like the mini bag sealer.

Now, FoodTok appears to have moved past the realm of helpful tips, recipes and products into the utterly ridiculous. The latest trend is a machine that stuffs your banana with any filling you want.

The Banana Loca has proven wildly popular on the platform, with videos cropping up demonstrating how to use the gadget, as well as ideas for fillings.

If you're a total banana fiend we can somewhat understand why you'd need this contraption, but whatever happened to just using a spoon to dollop on your fave banana accompaniments?

In fairness, the tool does mean the skin of your banana remains on as you fill it, which could be quite useful for on-the-go snacking. But at £52 on Amazon, it's quite a steep price to pay for a banana with (albeit perfectly evenly spread) Nutella.

The Banana Loca was first seen on Shark Tank, a US TV programme a bit like Dragon's Den that sees wannabe entrepreneurs present and demonstrate their inventions to investors. This is exactly what Renee Heath and Bechara Jaoudeh, the founders of the Banana Loca gadget, did way back in December 2021.

The investors decided to put money into the invention, and two years later here we are!

The most popular filling with TikTokers so far seems to be Nutella (it is a strong flavour combo) but we've seen people stuffing their bananas with anything from chocolate sauce and jalapeños to jam.

People have even been using the gadget to fill cucumbers and hotdogs, so the new tool's possibilities really are endless!