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Feeling frisky? Here are 30 weird (yet cool) things you can buy on Amazon — from $6

Cat holding up Airpods, Saucemoto dip holders, Nicolas Cage pillow, Pug mask, Toilet Timer
Weird things abound on Amazon — you've just gotta do a little digging. (Photo: Amazon)

Everyone knows you can get practically anything you're looking for on Amazon. But you can also get some of the most random things that you most certainly were not looking for — but now that you've found them, you need them! Such is the case with these 30 weird items we found on Amazon, some of which are even on sale.

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When we say weird, we mean cute, clever, fun, out there, useful in the most obscure ways. Sometimes they are just downright hilarious. Even the craziest-looking items among them — including pug eyes, unicorn heads and even a sparkly pillow with Nicolas Cage's face — have a purpose other than being weird. They provide clever life hacks, make things more comfortable or just provide entertainment. And they start at just $6.

And these 30 are just the tip of the iceberg. The depths of Amazon is truly endless.


Athand Magnetic Cat Earbuds Holder

Get your paws off my Airpods! This fierce kitty is a fun way to keep track of your earbuds when their charging case isn't nearby. She's magneticJust perch her on your desk, nightstand, bathroom sink or pretty much any surface since she's magnetic.
$8 at Amazon

"I got this Airpod holder for my wife for Christmas, and it's been a hit! She always leaves her AirPods lying around the house, so now whenever we see them, we let the cat hold them. We get a nice chuckle out of it," joked a fan.


Hxinfu Funny Pug Dog 3D Eye Mask

Is it beauty sleep or cuteness sleep? Give your bed mate a good laugh with this bug-eyed pug sleep mask that's super soft, doesn't cling and doesn't itch: pretty much the best you could ask for. Whether you travel a lot or are simply a light sleeper, this mask will give you sweet dreams while serving some serious humor. Also available in other dog breads, cats and even a tiger.
$10 at Amazon

"Awesome! Love it! Now I am a pug every night!! Lol" wrote one good-natured shopper.


Saucemoto Dip Clip

$12$13Save $1
Like your dipping sauce with a side of sheer genius? These dip clips are sized to fit the sauce cups from every major fast food chain and clip to your car's air vents so you can dine on en route without spilling secret sauce all over your lap. Dunk your fries fearlessly, as these thingamajigs are built to hang on for dear life on even the roughest roads.
$12 at Amazon

"It's novel, silly, funny.. but when she wants nuggies while driving, it's awesome," wrote one of more than 16,000 five-star reviewers.


Suaden French Fry Holder

$9$15Save $6
While you're at it, pick up this fry-holding case that fits in your car's cup holder. No more spilled fries!
$9 at Amazon

"I purchased this as a gift for my son who eats lunch in his car just about every day," shared one practical shopper. "He LOVED it!"


Ototo Red the Crab Silicone Spoon Rest

Save $3 with 20% off coupon
You won't find this crab boiling in anyone's pot: instead, you'll find him perched on the edge of one, holding the spoon up high in his grippy, nonslip, heat-resistant silicone claws. This little Amazon No. 1 bestseller is more of a sous chef than the main course!
$20 at Amazon

"The crab sits, the crab protects, the crab holds, and the crab forgets it’s a crab sometimes. Often grabs knives and threatens dinner guests. Other than that it’s perfect!" joked a fan.


Ivyu Velvet Scrunchies With Pocket Zipper, set of 6

Don't want to lose your keys? Put 'em in your ponytail! These covert keepers masquerade as your average scrunchies, but they actually have built-in zippered compartments for stashing tiny things like money, earbuds, lip balm and, of course, keys. They're made of velvet, which prevents hair breakage, and they come in a set of six. Also available in a set of black ones only.
$10 at Amazon

One fan wrote, "They totally exceeded my expectations and are just perfect for what I needed! I wasn't sure how much I'd be able to fit in there and not have it look obviously odd, but I'm shocked at how much one of these will hold without being noticeable whatsoever!"


Shashibo Shape Shifting Box

This surreal-looking shapeshifter has worked its way up to Amazon's No. 1 bestseller territory! It's a patented handheld fidget toy that uses 36-rare earth magnets and transforms into 70 vibrant three-dimensional shapes to stimulate minds of all ages. It's great for entertaining and soothing anxious minds of all ages. It's so cool it's been an Innovative Toy of the Year Award finalist three years in a row.
$25 at Amazon

"This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen," wrote one of more than 36,000 five-star reviewers. "Once you pick it up it's hard to put down."


Oweisong Telephone Shaped Handbag

Hello? It's your inner child speaking, and she'd love for you to purchase this faux leather and polyester purse that's a dead ringer for a vintage rotary telephone. But just when you think that's wacky enough, you learn this is so much more than a handbag. Its handset actually has a headphone jack that you can connect to your smartphone to take calls (or stream music)!
$29 at Amazon

"Had no idea this purse was a working phone handset. The sound is good through the handset. The purse is really cute. Fun buy!" wrote a happy shopper.


iLikePar French Vanilla Cereal Bowl Candle

Don't pour the milk! This silly cereal bowl with spoon is actually a scented candle, but it looks so realistic. The faux breakfast bowl uses mostly soy wax but also vegetable wax and beeswax, and each is a handmade work of art. The French vanilla-scented candle isn't just one lump of wax, either. You assemble the pieces yourself! It honestly doesn't get more fun than this.
$28 at Amazon

"I bought this as a Christmas White Elephant gift and loved it so much I ended up buying another for myself. It smells amazing! I liked that all the pieces came packaged separately so they could be placed how I wanted. It’s not something I intend to burn but rather use as a fun décor piece in the kitchen," wrote a five-star reviewer.


Accoutrements Shakespearean Insult Bandages

$6$8Save $2
"Go thee and fill another room in hell!" Rapscallions, rascals and scoundrels will love these colorful bandages that take their cue from Shakespeare's most legendary plays. High-brow humor on something as lowly as bandage: now that's something only a "wretch, puling fool" or a "whining mammet" would love! And yes, these are real cotton bandages — a set of 15!
$6 at Amazon

"I was browsing through Amazon and saw these and immediately put these in my cart for my sister. This sums up our relationship perfectly. If you look at these and a specific person comes to your mind, buy it and give it to them even if there's no holiday or birthday. Seriously! Cannot recommend enough!!! Also, as a bonus, my sister said that the quality of the actual bandaid is really good," wrote a discerning shopper.


Merrycolor Nicolas Cage Sequin Pillow Cover

Forget 'Face Off' — this one's face-on! Whether you're a 'Moonstruck'- or 'National Treasure'-era Nicolas Cage fan, this sneaky sequin throw pillow cover that takes just one rub to reveal the iconic actor's face is a must-have for your home. Get it in turquoise to complement Cage's baby blues or choose from three other colors. The image of Nic peeking through the glitter will never fade, and neither will the novelty of this eccentric accessory.
$14 at Amazon

Behold this gem of a review: "This pillowcase is a 'national treasure.' If you have this beauty in your 'arsenal' you will be the envy of all your friends, but don't let this get 'stolen' or you will feel 'left behind' 'knowing' you have 'a score to settle' and a drive to 'kick ass.' 'It could happen to you.' Try to fight the 'primal' urge to make love to this pillowcase with a 'vengeance' but I can promise that doing so will take 'unbearable weight of massive talent.'


Vinmax Horizontal Glasses

How lazy can you get? This lazy! These horizontal spectacles are basically glasses designed for use while you're lying down! You can tilt the lenses to a 90-degree angle so you don't have to crane your neck while watching TV or hold a book over your head while reading. Just lie flat on your back and hold, say, a tablet or book normally, and you can view it through the horizontal lenses!
$12 at Amazon

One shocked shopper wrote, "I bought these as a joke for my husband, never thinking they would really work. He always complains of having to put a pillow under his head to watch tv when laying back in the recliner. Imagine our surprise when he put them on and could watch TV perfectly!"


Sirensky Cactus Coasters Set

$13$20Save $7
If you're as parched as a dessert wanderer, grab a glass of water but make sure you set it down on one of thee cactus coasters. Pull them apart to reveal five high-density EVA and cork coasters designed to protect your home's surfaces without scratching them. They're odorless and nontoxic, too, and not a single cactus needle to be found.
$13 at Amazon

"I was looking for coasters that could double as decor for my new office. These are perfect! I like that they are slightly different sizes too, so I can adjust depending on what kind of bottle/mug I'm using," one customer wrote.

Stenbert Solutions

Stenbert Solutions Thermal Finger Guards

If you're a Cheetos fiend but don't like getting caught orange-handed, these finger guards are the perfect way to protect your digits. Since they're thermal, they're also great for handling hot foods — especially messy ones like Buffalo wings — and because they're silicone, said foods won't stick to them. They also come in handy for crafting!
$19 at Amazon

One customer had another brilliant use for these finger guards: "I am clumsy with a curling iron and these finger guards help me to minimize the burns on my fingers."


Spiffy McChappy Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes

This book of "frightfully awful" jokes that everyone's dad most certainly busted out at one point or another is an Amazon favorite — and even makes a great gift for your dad because he might need more material! "There's a new type of broom out — it's sweeping the nation," is just the tip of the iceberg, we assure you.
$11 at Amazon

Be careful what you wish for, though, notes one good-natured reviewer: "I purchased this for Father's Day and my dad just can't get enough. He has sent me a joke every day since."

Boyfriend Pillow

The Original Boyfriend Body Pillow

Can't live with him, can't live without him? Have it both ways, then! The Original Boyfriend Pillow will let you cozy up in his arms whenever you want, and he doesn't snore! We're not sure why he insists on wearing his button-down shirt to sleep, but all in all he's a pleasant bed mate, so we can't complain. And because he's a cotton blend with feather fill, you can machine wash him.
$42 at Amazon

One fan wrote, "I love my boyfriend pillow! It's like having your real boyfriend in bed with you minus the annoying snoring and constant farts. I feel protected when I put the arm around me. It's a comforting feeling. I sleep better knowing I am loved."


Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder Ring

We're all about a DIY manicure — if only a person had more than two hands! This wearable nail polish holder essentially does the job of another helping hand, providing a secure silicone spot for holding a bottle of lacquer without spilling it while your free hand attempts to paint just nails and not cuticles or finger skin (good luck!). It comes in lots of fun color options too, just like nail polish does!
$10 at Amazon

"Quite handy (pun intended!!!). The handiest invention, and keeps you or others (kids) from tipping it over," wrote a funny fan.


Jorbest Burritos Tortillas Blanke

$26$29Save $3
Wrap yourself up like a burrito in this toasty tortilla blanket. The double-sided design is emblazoned on fuzzy flannel, bringing the term "soft tortilla" to new levels. It's an all-around fun way to snuggle up, and it's built to last too. It won't wrinkle or fade, even when washed repeatedly. Make a meal out of yourself!
$26 at Amazon

One happy shopper wrote, "I wasn’t expecting such a nice plush blanket, but when she opened it up it had to be the softest blanket every, even came with a tote bag."


Mcphee Squirrel Feeder Unicorn Head

$19$25Save $6
Consider it a meme waiting to happen. This hilarious squirrel feeder gives your critter a unicorn head, and you won't believe your eyes! We can't promise rainbows or even other mythical creatures like leprechauns, but we can promise you belly laughs and a few videos you'll definitely want to put in the family group chat.
$19 at Amazon

"This is worth it’s weight in gold!! Hours of fun watching our little squirrels having fun eating their treats!! I’m going to get at least five more. Buy this now!" wrote an amused shopper.

Bed MadeEZ

Bed MadeEZ Mattress Lifter Tool

Attention, anyone with a bad back: invest in this genius mattress lifter and you'll never strain to make a bed again. This ergonomic plastic device slips easily under your mattress so you can tuck sheets, bed skirts and more without fatigue or injury — or a partner to help you! You can even use it make a fitted sheet more taut. It's one of those things you'll wonder how you lived without.
$27 at Amazon

One five-star reviewer wrote, "This really works. I can now lift the mattress enough to get the fitted corners on the mattress and can even tuck all the sides under the mattress. I liked it enough that I ordered two more and gave them to my sisters."


Ototo Vino the Bat Wine Opener

Save $11 with 20% off coupon
Here's a wine opener with a twist: it looks like a bat flapping its wings! Let Vino sink his fang into a cork and then work his magic, popping bottles effortlessly so the wine can keep flowing. He'll even remove caps. He just might become the cutest character in your kitchen — and he's a party animal, too!
$24 at Amazon

"I bought this for a friend as a gift," shared a shopper. "It is so stinking cute! She gets compliments on it all the time."


Coddies Fish Flip Flops

Despite how ridiculous these fish flops look, they're made with durability and comfort in mind. They're made of soft, squishy elastic, have anti-skid soles and are shock-proof.
$24 at Amazon

One Amazon reviewer shared that they make the perfect gift: "What a hoot! My 65-year old brother is an angler and a big kid at heart - I gifted this product to him at a reunion last month and it was the best money spent ever - he laughed for 3 days wearing them around and cracking corny fishing jokes with all of us - I tried them on and they were very comfortable - while I wouldn’t go to the opera with them on, I sure would hit the beach with a pair!"


Katamco Toilet Timer

As seen on "Shark Tank," this timer is the perfect way to call out those family members that insist on 40-minute bathroom breaks.
$15 at Amazon

"I gave this to my boyfriend for Christmas as a joke," shared a shopper with a sense of humor. "He actually uses it. I said he had three extra flips of the timer (so he gets 20 minutes total) and since then I have not been stranded by myself for an hour while he poops. 20 minutes or less and it's back to cuddles. Accidentally trained him."


Hmil-u Cat Stealing Money Bank

You should know better than to leave loose change around a cat — unless it's this one. This kitty cat hidden in a box functions as a piggy bank by stealing — er, saving — your coins.
$18 at Amazon

"I bought this for my son and it is absolutely adorable," shared a shopper. "Very sturdy and smooth and even says thank you!"

Demi's Home

Demi's Home Shower Foot Rest

If you're tired of practicing your flamingo pose every time you attempt to shave your legs in the shower, this small stool will help you keep your balance. It even has a designated space for all your shaving tools. It's great for pedicures, too!
$22 at Amazon

"I don't have a ledge in my shower to shave and I had tried everything I could think of before I saw this on Amazon," shared a relieved shopper. "It takes up less space and is way more sturdy than anything else I have tried."

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The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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