Single mum branded 'fat cow' sheds half her body weight in a year and a half

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Sarah Wass lost almost half her body weight. [SWNS]

A single mother has almost halved her total body weight in a year and a half, after cruel comments drove her to take action.

Sarah Wass, 30, from Batley in West Yorkshire, lost a staggering 12 stone over an 18-month period.

Before her weight loss, the mother-of-one was called a “fat cow” by strangers in the street and became a social recluse.

“It got to the point where I didn't like to go out,” she said. “I just used to stay in my own little bubble at home. I would avoid going anywhere if I could.”

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At Wass’s heaviest weight, her mother commented that she would soon struggle to find clothes to fit her.

Sarah Wass after her dramatic weight loss. [SWNS]

“My mum commented a few times, she wasn't being nasty, but she got me a coat that was size 26/28 and she said 'if you get any bigger, you're not going to be able to find anything to fit you’,” Wass said.

“It was a horrible red coat and it made me feel like a big red road tomato, but it was the only coat in my size.”

Motivated by an urge to get revenge on her bullies, Wass decided to take action.

“I wanted to put two fingers up to people who had called me fat and made jokes about me,” she said.

Sarah Wass before her weight loss. [SWNS]

She ditched takeaways in favour of cooking healthy meals. She also joined Aqua Fit and started walking three miles a day.

Wass achieved her 12-stone weight loss goal in time for her 30th birthday and now weighs 12 stone 11 pounds.

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Her dress size has gone down from a size 28 to a size 14 and she can now fit both her legs into one leg of a pair of pyjama shorts she wore for bed at the beginning of last year.

Sarah Wass pictured in Florida in September 2009, before her weight loss. [SWNS]
Sarah Wass said she wanted to "stick two fingers up" to people who made cruel jibes about her size after she tipped the scales at 24st 10lb. [Photo: SWNS]

She says her daughter Katelyn, five, also benefits from her mother’s new, healthier diet.

“I don't even think about takeaways now. When the leaflets come through the door, I put them straight in the bin,” said Wass.

“People think I have had weight loss surgery and don't recognise me. Friends I haven't seen for a while will double-take to see if it's me.

Sarah Wass pictured before her dramatic weight loss. [Photo: SWNS]
Sarah Wass now fits into a single leg of her old pyjama shorts. [Photo: SWNS]

“My health is through the roof. I'm energetic and I can do a lot more with my daughter.

“Before I would be stuck on the sofa and not go out, not do anything and Katelyn would suffer and be stuck inside too.

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“Now we go for days out and we go to the park. After the weight started to come off, I thought I can't go back.”

Sarah’s diet before her weight loss

Breakfast: Full English fry-up

Lunch: Lasagne or a big pasta bake

Dinner: Usually a takeaway, such as Chinese sweet and sour pork or burger and chips

Sarah present-day diet

Breakfast: Yoghurt or fruit

Lunch: Salad or a three-egg omelette with a bit of ham and onions

Dinner: A low-calorie, freshly cooked pasta dish

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