Your weekly horoscope (March 6th)

Bright flares visible near Sagittarius A seen in 2003 (Getty Images)
Bright flares visible near Sagittarius A seen in 2003 (Getty Images)

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Summon Tionne Watkins, because the minutiae in your day-to day-life is in need of some TLC. Now is not the time to be oblivious to the obvious. The error you face is in bold italics, you can’t miss it.


Watch yourself, because a quiet crush could spiral into a Fatal Attraction situation. Take a deep breath and a step back. Whatever you do, don’t veer into creep mode. Take a more gentle approach.


A homecoming reunion may be in the works. Thankfully, you have just enough time to zhuzh up your life. Keep a side serving of mystery about yourself and watch your old school pals swoon.


Sharpen up your work boundaries. No one likes a micromanager, so you might have to put your foot down this week. Don’t bottle up your angst; passive aggressive antics may work against you.


Are you Bill Gates? Because right now you have the power to boost your bank account. Be brave: check your spending history for useless subscriptions and frivolous spending habits. It’s in your hands.


You’ve just begun a refreshing era of frank, honest, authentic connections. I hate to break it to you, but if you can’t be real with your friends then those relationships don’t have the strength to last much longer.


We all know you like to keep things light and fluffy, but to step into your finest, fiercest era, you’re being called to open the Pandora’s box that’s bursting with your deepest fears. Slay them once and for all.


It’s time to turn self-doubt into self-mastery. Take that niche course you’ve been toying with. What part of your scholarly engines could do with a refresh? It’s you versus the future self you desire.


How does your career muse pursue their lofty ideas? Believe it or not, you’re just one decision away from being within touching distance of your working ideals. Take the leap; it’ll be worth it.


When was the last time you stepped out of the cosiness of your cocoon? Soon, an invitation may tempt you to break out of your shell. Let go of your inhibitions to meet the exciting fate that awaits you.


Don’t overdo it when ploughing through your tasks and ambitions, it could leave you feeling as though nothing in life is ever enough. Taking it slow might be the best course of action, for now.


Drop anything that’s providing too much distraction and too little tangible growth. You’re entering a new phase in your boss bitch era where your old, flaky ways will be thrown into the cinders.