Your weekly horoscope (Feb 27th)

Bright flares visible near Sagittarius A seen in 2003 (Getty Images)
Bright flares visible near Sagittarius A seen in 2003 (Getty Images)


That decision you can’t bring yourself to make? Well, it’s showtime and you’re likely feeling the impending doom now more than ever. The best thing you can do is tell the crowd your backstory, it’s worthy of the airtime.


Glitches may begin to appear in your working partnerships. When was the last time you sent flowers? It doesn’t have to be so extravagant, but maintaining collaborations is more important than initial buzz.


If you’ve been making headway on a new idea or plan, this is a good time to retrace your steps. Double check you haven’t glossed over the finer details so you don’t miss any sneaky T&Cs.


Now’s the time for a good old cry. Go on, let it all out. Your pent-up energy needs an outlet for release, so choose it consciously. Find a safe place you can call home, and don’t even think about accepting your ex’s call.


Anything that’s been brushed under the rug is going to be pulled out for the greater good. The truth might be dished at the dinner table, but at least it’ll be an opportunity for all parties to start over with a clean slate.


It’s a great privilege that you’re considered a guru and a strong friend to many people, but sometimes you have to remind them that you’re not made of titanium. Remember: you’re just as human as the rest of ’em.


Your indecisive nature may be cranked up a notch, so instead of falling into decision fatigue, double down on what slots in to your sweet spots. You can’t be everything everywhere all at once, so be realistic.


Which parts of your life have you been pushing to see results in but to no avail? Go into cruise control and you may soon realise what flaws were in your plan from the very beginning.


Your relationships may be demanding a lot of you emotionally, but without a centred you, you’ll be left scattered and drained. Build some emotional boundaries that can cater to you this week.


That trusty ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ policy doesn’t apply this week. Why wait for the inevitable when you can plough on with preventable measures? A leaky tap can easily cause structural damage.


Don’t give up your freedom as a trade-off for more money. True benefits are often the ones you can’t buy. Are you underestimating where your sense of freedom can take you?


What is the one thing you need that will give your dreams the chance to take form? You’re about to embark on a reckoning that will leave you with no choice but to commit to the very end.