Weekly horoscope: 20th March to 26th March 2023

ARIESIt's not just Monday's Spring Equinox energy that revs you up but the Aries New Moon on Tuesday which creates that powerful new beginning you're seeking. Let go of any stuck situations and look at everything with fresh eyes. Your friends and followers are also receiving a big shift with the arrival of Pluto in Aquarius. We're all in this together!TAURUSWhilst you're hosting glamorous Venus in Taurus you've no shortage of admirers. However with the Sun's annual stay in Aries positioned low on your horizon you're also in need of some precious me-time. The next few weeks will be vital for cooking up new projects and plans ready for a Spring launch.GEMININothing precludes you from cracking open a whole new treasure chest of ideas now that the Sun and New Moon are lighting up the think-tank sector of your skies. You can get into the spirit of enterprise that will prove rewarding in every way. This is more than a brain-storm – it's a new financial groove.CANCERYou no doubt feel you've been waiting in the wings for far too long as Mars has languished in a backwater of your chart for the last 7 months. On Saturday this fire-brand planet zooms into your own sign lighting up your life until May 20th. Spring Equinox confirms you’re on the launch pad. This is it!LEOSpring fever is upon you with the hot line-up of Sun, Mercury and New Moon in your fellow fire sign of Aries. Another prime mover this week is passionate Pluto into the relationship angle of your chart where it will draw you into exchanges that are bound to be deep and meaningful over the coming few months.VIRGOIf you've been waiting to strike a deal, sign something off or come to a mutually beneficial personal and/or financial arrangement the celestial picture is now urging you to move forward. At long last you're getting a highly engaged network of allies and supporters that can take you to new heights.LIBRAAs the sign most connected to the theme of relationship you're primed to notice the uptick generated by the arrival of the Sun and New Moon in the 'significant other' zone of your chart. Whether it's business or personal, the coming weeks lift the pace and energy in terms of relationship dynamics. Bring it on!SCORPIOIf you're looking for a new focus the arrival of the Sun and New Moon in the daily activity angle of your chart is just the ticket for generating a buzz in terms of what you want to do and how you do it. Your ruler Pluto is also beginning to add a new dimension to your personal life that feels both intriguing and transformational.SAGITTARIUSHolding back is not your style so you'll welcome the full-blown energy of the Spring Equinox and the burst of new life that's generated by the New Moon in Aries. This is the time for start-ups and adventure. Pluto's change of sign is also making clear where to place your energy rather than waste it.CAPRICORNFor the past 16 years, Pluto has trawled through Capricorn ploughing up many furrows, overturning the lay of your land and planting new seeds of growth. On Thursday this powerful planet begins a 3 month foray in Aquarius leaving you free to be master of all you survey. It will enable you to see just how far you’ve come.AQUARIUSThe intense planet Pluto has not been in your sign for 248 years – so make yourself ready for Thursday's new arrival for an initial stay of 3 months. Although you've always thought outside of the box, this is the beginning of a new era which takes everything to a new level. The water bearer re-birth is about to start.PISCESWhilst your personal new year has already begun with Pisces season you’re receiving extra dynamic vibes once the Sun and New Moon land in Aries this week. Place your focus on what truly matters to you and what upholds your sense of security, value and self-esteem. Mars in Cancer from next Saturday supports you with a burst of creative energy.Like this story? Sign up to our newsletter to keep up with your weekly horoscope.