Your weekly horoscope (20th March)

 (Farzad Mohsenvand / Unsplash)
(Farzad Mohsenvand / Unsplash)


Chuck any insecurities into your cerebral black hole. Forget old doubts, this isn’t the time to ruminate on the past. Face forward and you’ll find fresh new potential that can offer radiant prospects.


Round up the gals for a cosy night in, you’re going to want to reminisce on the good ol’ days. A trip down memory lane may be the tonic you need to envision the future. Bang on the Door PJs optional.


In the wise words of Natasha Bedingfield, ‘the rest is left unwritten’. Your only priority this week is to be adventurous. If life feels a bit meh at the moment, throw caution to the wind and dive into something new.


Take a deep breath, roll the dice and leave it up to the hands of fate to decide your next escapade. When you step out of your own way, you leave space for the real magic to land at your feet.


Feeling more restless or exhausted than usual? Flop on to the sofa and surrender to max relaxation. Set aside some time to feng shui your mind — a meditation app might make a good companion.


It’s spring, so cull toxic habits that are hindering your garden’s growth. Commit to your dusty Peloton schedule and think #health. A deep detox can help you stick to your goals with much more ease.


Nostalgia may be gripping you almost as much as your quest to find that discontinued MAC lipstick. Send a heartwarming message to those who have added value to your life and pay it forward.


Quit staring at your phone. When was the last time you looked up at the sky? Connect with your network constellation as off-the-radar opportunities may come your way, you lucky thing.


Think about new places where you can leave your imprint. Go on, allow your mind to ponder even grander thoughts than it has before. There is no turning back, your path forward is now crystal clear.


Like a master shapeshifter, you have the power to unbind yourself from false beliefs. Step into your true authentic nature and become the star you were always destined to become.


You’re in the early stages of entering into a brand new you. As your Sasha Fierce alter ego emerges, you have the power to command from the top and secure yourself a Jay-Z while you’re at it.


The less you hold on, the more you’ll stay anchored to the here and now. Even if you feel like you’re somewhere in between, you’re exactly where you need to be for the ‘a-ha’ moment incoming.