Week 11 Fantasy Football Bad Beats: Sneaky, sneaky, Mr. Brady

Yahoo Sports Fantasy Staff
·1-min read

Did you suffer a crushing loss in Week 11, by way of a last-second defeat or a blowout?

Well, we here at Yahoo Fantasy are here for you, yet again, and always. We want to know all about it (so we can laugh at you) so we can help you get through it. Judge Andy Behrens can assist you through these troubled times, in Week 11 and every week of the 2020 fantasy football season.

Speaking of Week 11, this week’s Bad Beat — an extremely unique one, too! — goes to a player who lost by a fraction of a point thanks to one of the strangest plays from Monday Night. Looking towards Mike Evans on third down, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady rifled a pass towards his big receiver in the middle of the field.

The pass, however, was batted down ... right into Brady’s hands. Brady then proceeded to THROW IT AGAIN over to Evans, who caught it this time. This is not okay and you can’t do that, so the officials flagged it — yet the Rams declined the penalty since the catch didn’t result in a first down. As such, Evans was credited with a catch — just enough to deliver this week’s top Bad Beat!

Our honorable mention this week goes to a player who lost by less than a point because the Raiders forgot to guard Travis Kelce with the game on the line ...

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