The Right Way To Store Freshly Cut Pineapple

Closeup of cut pineapple chunks in a halved pineapple
Closeup of cut pineapple chunks in a halved pineapple - Zeljkosantrac/Getty Images

Fresh pineapple is a delicious, nutritious treat that -- thanks to modern conveniences -- can easily be stored in most kitchens year-round. It is a great fruit to keep on hand, as it can be used to make everything from showstopping main courses, like this pineapple pork loin, to refreshing drinks, like this grilled pineapple crush cocktail. But if you are familiar with working with pineapple, you know that the fruit is quite delicate.

In order to maintain its ideal flavor and texture, it is important to store your pineapple correctly, especially after slicing it. While whole pineapple can last for a few days on the counter, cut pineapple is far more perishable. So, to keep it at its best, you should store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. In addition, be sure to place it far away from any strong-smelling items in your fridge, as pineapple will readily absorb odors. If you follow these tips, your sliced pineapple will last for about three to four days before starting to turn.

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How To Know If Pineapple Has Gone Bad

Closeup of moldy pineapple pieces
Closeup of moldy pineapple pieces - Skhoward/Getty Images

Even with proper storage methods, cut pineapple tends to expire fairly quickly. As such, it is important to know how to tell when a pineapple has gone bad and to examine it for any signs of spoilage before eating it to prevent yourself from accidentally consuming harmful pathogens. If your pineapple chunks appear brown and mushy, show evidence of mold growth, smell strongly like fermented juice, or burn your tongue when you taste them, you can assume that they have expired. In these cases, it is best to discard the remaining fruit.

If you would like to extend your cut-up pineapple's lifespan, you can easily do so by freezing it. Simply place the pineapple chunks in an airtight container and stick it in the freezer, where it will stay good for up to a year. From there, you can either thaw the pineapple, which will retain its same flavor and texture quite well, or you can use the frozen stuff to make recipes like smoothies, sorbets, and blended cocktails.

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