Watch a no-makeup Kim K clap back at James Charles for pranking her

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Photo credit: James Charles - YouTube
Photo credit: James Charles - YouTube

From Cosmopolitan

You know what's the worst thing ever? Being called on FaceTime when you're not feeling your best. There's a reason there's approximately one billion memes about how anyone who isn't a boomer needs a pre-call text, warning of any incoming FaceTimes. We need time to prep, okay? Mentally and physically.

And nobody knows that more than Kim Kardashian. She's pretty open about the behind-the-scenes of her high-glam aesthetic, of course. But that's on her terms.

That in mind, it's easy to see why she'd be sliiightly impatient when put in the position of an off-the-cuff FaceTime from James Charles (a makeup artist, no less) - especially when it's part of a prank.

For a TikTok video captioned "calling my friends but then hanging up because I’m too busy", James Charles called everyone from Jojo Siwa to Bebe Rexha (and even Kris Jenner), allowing them to pick up the phone before hanging up on them with a hurried explanation that he was 'too busy right now' to speak - to much confusion.

In the video everyone takes the joke well, including Kim. But when she answers, with natural hair, no make-up while in her car, she's visibly done with the whole thing. So, she doesn't hesitate to tell James how she feels, picking up the phone and immediately saying:

"TikTok video. What TikTok scam are you doing right now?"

James replies "Noooooo! Hahaaa! You're so annoy-"

And then the video cuts out.

A dramatic story of two acts, ending far too soon.

Anyway, the real hero of the prank is Kris Jenner, whose sass cannot be contained.

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