How to watch Kaleidoscope on Netflix in chronological order

how to watch netflix’s kaleidoscope in chronological order
Netflix’s Kaleidoscope in chronological orderNetflix

*Spoilers alert*

Calling all interactive TV lovers - Kaleidoscope should be next on your list. Netflix has dropped a few shows like this in the past, most notably Black Mirror, the sci-fi-style series that allowed you to choose your own adventure. (The Miley Cyrus x Ashley O episode was a real 2019 favourite.)

But while the latter let you make your own decision regarding which episode you wanted to watch, Kaleidoscope randomises the order that they're played.

For some context, the series focuses on the heist inspired by the real-life story of when $70 billion in bonds went missing during Hurricane Sandy. When you go to watch the show, you enter at different points, therefore changing your perspective on the characters, and ultimately the central storyline - the heist itself.

The series follows Giancarlo Esposito as Leo Pap, a criminal mastermind who's intent on taking down the head of a corporate security company, Roger Salas (Rufus Sewell).

Leo forms a team of fellow masterminds to break into Roger's safe, including explosive expert Judy (Rosaline Elbay), weapons specialist Ava (Paz Vega), smuggler Stan (Peter Mark Kendall), safe-cracker Bob (Jai Courtney) and driver RJ (Jordan Mendoza).

Whilst this is going on, Leo is also trying to win back his daughter Hannah, (Tati Gabrielle) while escaping FBI agent Nazan (Niousha Madera).

Overall, there are eight episodes, all of which take place over a 25 year period. Each episode is named after a colour, and apart from 'Black', which every viewer has to watch first to understand the show as a whole, it's then at complete random as to how you'll view the series.

But if the non-chronological version isn't up your street and you want to watch the show in a more linear way, the accurate chain of events has also been released.

After 'Black' the order goes...

  • Violet - 24 years before the heist

  • Green - 7 years before the heist

  • Yellow - 6 weeks before the heist

  • Orange - 3 weeks before the heist

  • Blue - 5 days before the heist

  • White - the heist

  • Red - the morning after the heist

  • Pink - 6 months after the heist

Kaleidoscope is now streaming on Netflix. Happy heist!

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