Watch the First Trailer for Travis Scott and Harmony Korine’s ‘Aggro Dr1ft’


Ahead of its particularly unorthodox forthcoming tour (kicking off at an LA strip club early next month), Aggro Dr1ft's first trailer has surfaced. The indie, infrared brainchild of Travis Scott and Harmony Korine, the film is set to follow the "world's greatest assassin."

"The old world is no more," the assassin opens the minute-long preview. "No more truths. I was born to kill. It is all I know. I am the world's greatest assassin." Infrared footage – the film was shot entirely with an infrared lens, Variety notes – of high-speed car chases and shootouts flash across the screen, intermixed with clips of Miami Beach and cameos of La Flame.

While the trailer is concise, the logline offers up more information:

“Breaking away from the traditional parameters of cinema, Aggro Dr1ft explores the onslaught of digital ephemera and interrogates modern life through the vernacular of video games. Shot entirely through an infrared lens, the film follows a Miami Beach hitman as he embarks on the relentless pursuit of his next target."

Stream the full trailer above and stay tuned to Hypebeast for more updates on Aggro Dr1ft as they emerge.