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'Quick and easy' washing machine cleaner reduced to just £68p

It's probably time to clean your washing machine - here's why.

Snap up this brilliant deal on Dr. Beckmann's best-selling washing machine cleaner. (Dr. Beckmann / Yahoo Life UK)
Snap up this brilliant deal on Dr. Beckmann's best-selling washing machine cleaner. (Dr. Beckmann / Yahoo Life UK)

Entering the new year means we all have a few more jobs on our to-do list than normal, from finally clearing out the junk draw to giving household appliances a clean. One job you can easily tick off your list this week is giving your washing machine a deep clean thanks to the Dr. Beckmann Service-it Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner that is now just 68p down from £3.49 on Amazon.

Boasting rave reviews and available on next-day delivery for Prime members, it can be on your doorstep in less than 24 hours, ready to transform your washing machine.

🛍️ Product on sale: Dr. Beckmann Service-it Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner
💰 Best deal we've found: 68p down from £3.49
⭐ Average star rating: 4.4 out of 5
🛒 Reasons to buy: Easy to use, removes up to 99.99% of bacteria, leaves your washing machine sparkling clean

How often should you clean your washing machine?

It's recommended to deep clean your washing machine every one to three months in order to minimise the build up of mould and limescale.

But, according to a Dr. Beckmann study last year - less than a quarter (24%) of Brits are doing so and that's despite 84% of us saying we know we should be cleaning it.

Washing machine a bit smelly? You're not alone. In fact, a quarter of Brits say theirs smells when in use and seven in 10 Brits say they've experienced clothes coming out unclean.

So, if you want fresh laundry in 2024, it's probably a good idea to give your washing machine a clean ASAP.

Why we rate it

Suitable for all washing machines and claiming to remove 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi (which can lead to nasty odours), this clever product cleans deep inside your washing machine, getting rid of the nasties and leaving a fresh, lemony fragrance behind.

Give your washing machine a deep clean with Dr. Beckmann's top-rated cleaning formula. 

£1 at Amazon

It also removes smells caused by detergent residue, or even from washing at low temperatures and using incorrect laundry detergent dosages.

Need more convincing? It won an award from the Good Housekeeping Institute 'For a Deep Hygienic Clean'. Not bad for less than £1.

How does it work?

Keeping your washing machine sparkling clean is easy with this budget-friendly product.

The activated carbon ingredient attracts particles like a magnet – so it can absorb and neutralise any build-up of dirt or gunk.

Simply pour the powder into your empty washing machine drum and put it on a wash cycle at a minimum of 60 degrees for one hour, without running a pre-wash cycle or any fabric detergents.

Once the cycle is finished, you can use your squeaky clean machine as normal – it's that simple. It's recommended for use every two months, or after 30 washes.

Another bonus is that by using this product, you'll also help extend the lifespan of your washing machine.

What the reviews say

With over 10,000 five-star reviews, this bargain buy is a firm favourite with Amazon shoppers because of its cleaning power and efficacy in removing unpleasant smells.

"Absolutely recommend it," said one reviewer, after finding the product got rid of a terrible stench their washing machine had had for six years.

One reviewer also said that their clothes looked and smelt "considerably cleaner" after one use of this Dr Beckmann product.

With more glowing reviews saying things like "brilliant product"; "sorted my problem"; "excellent"; "would highly recommend", it's clear this is an affordable must-have well worth adding to your cleaning kit.

Shop now: Dr. Beckmann Service-it Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner | £0.68 (Was £3.49) from Amazon

Amazon Prime Day Deals Dr Beckmann
Amazon Prime Day Deals Dr Beckmann

£0.68 £3.49 at Amazon£2.40 at Tesco£3.70 at Sainsburys£3.30 at Ocado

The Dr Beckermann cleaner also comes in a version for your dishwasher.

"Sparking clean", "excellent product", "wow!", "highly recommended" is just some of the praise for this brilliant cleaning product. It removes 99.9% of all bacteria and micro-organisms as well as eliminating grease, residue and unpleasant odours.

You get a powder for use inside the machine, plus a specially designed wipe to use on the seals and grooves.

And your machine will be left smelling fresh and lovely, as it's also chlorine-free.

Shop now: Dr. Beckmann Service-it Deep Clean Dishwasher Cleaner | £3.60 from Amazon

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