Warm Up for Cold Weather Running with Faisal's 10-Min Dynamic Flow

<span class="caption">Our 10-Minute Warmup for Cold Weather Running</span>
Our 10-Minute Warmup for Cold Weather Running

Failing to prepare during cold-weather running is preparing to fail. Long gone are the summer days of going from laptop to lacing up your trainers in 60 seconds while WFH. If you want to stay on track with your training, or are keen to start running again in oder to atone for festive excess, spending 10 minutes on a smart warmup can turn a grim trudge into the scene from Rocky crushing it in the snow.

Faisal Abdalla, MH Elite coach and expert run-smith, has a 10 minute, pre-run flow to ensure you're fully primed for an assault on your PB. With swings, jumps, hip openers, glute activation and dynamic movement to ramp up your central nervous system, you'll be more than ready.

"I recommend going for 8-12 reps of every movement for 3 rounds," says Faisal. "Each round you're going to feel your body getting looser and warmer, I promise you.

"By the time and head out for your run, your body will be dynamically switched on, you've been moving through all the right planes to run more freely. But for me, it is all about injury proofing yourself. A few star jumps just isn't enough these days!"

Watch this video and follow Faisal lead. We'll be right behind you.

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