How to organise your wardrobe for stress-free dressing

If the idea of sifting through your wardrobe fills you with dread, you’re not alone. Many of us don’t actually wear all of what is in our wardrobe regularly — and part of the reason for that is how we store our clothes. We’ve all been guilty of rediscovering a dress bought for a friend’s wedding crumpled at the bottom of a drawer.

We know the 'KonMari' decluttering method doesn’t work for everyone, but not wanting to part with your old shirts doesn’t mean you’re resigned to an untidy home. We’ve rounded up some of the best wardrobe organisers we can find to help you take control of your closet.

Wardrobe organisers for hanging clothes

To maximise storage capacity, getting creative with vertical space is key. The hanging rail forms the bulk of your wardrobe space so this is the best place to start. Investing in some quality wooden hangers is a good bet if you have enough rail space, but these tend to be bulky.

If you’re short on space, opt for something more slimline like non-slip velvet hangers. They're extra-thin with good grip, so will stop clothes slipping off while allowing you to squeeze more on the rack.

You can double the available hanging space by buying a rail extender. These hook over the original rail to create space for trousers on the lower level and shirts and short dresses on top. They don’t usually stretch across the whole length either, so there should still be space for long coats and maxi dresses at the end.

For clothes you won't hang, like heavy sweaters and underwear, use vertical hanging shelves. These wardrobe organisers don't require any assembly and create open access shelves for your belongings.

Wardrobe organisers for bags

It can be tricky to find a functional, easy-access place for your clutches and smaller handbags. Start by attaching some wire baskets onto the back of the wardrobe door, so they're all kept neatly in place. If you don’t want to drill holes into your furniture, use an over-door organiser instead.

Store bigger bags on a hanging organiser — and remember to keep your expensive designer brands inside dust bags to protect them from damage.

Wardrobe organisers for folded clothes

Once you’ve reworked your rails, it’s time to move onto the drawers. There’s plenty of wardrobe organisers for these often-messy spaces. For t-shirts, jumpers and bedding, adding a divider is the easiest way to keep stacks neat, while socks and underwear look much tidier when kept in a compartmentalised organiser.

Deep shelving can be made more useful with the addition of an extra shelf. This gives you space to store more t-shirts and jeans without having to dig something out from the bottom of a huge pile. There are plenty that don't need drilling, so you can avoid making holes in your wall or furniture.

Wardrobe organisers for shoes and accessories

For footwear, a dedicated shoe rack is a fail-safe storage solution. Shoe organisers are also handy to store some pairs in your wardrobe and a few clear boxes can hold bulkier trainers and boots at the top or bottom of your wardrobe to ensure they stay dust-free.

Accessories require less space. If you don't have a dedicated space, like a dressing table, for your jewellery, carve out some space in a drawer for a tray. And hang scarves on an accessory hanger to keep them tidy and off your hallway coat rack when they're not needed.

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