Want a Unique Name for Your Baby? Here are 20 Names No One Else in Your Kid's Class Will Have

Picking out a baby name is not easy, considering that it’s the most important decision you’ll ever make for your child. OK, not really, but its definitely an important decision.

The task of coming up with a moniker for your bundle of joy is even more difficult when you want something one-of-a-kind. You know, a name that really stands out so that when your kid’s third grade teacher takes roll call, Jack P., Jack. W. and Jack K. won't all yell “here!” at the same time.

And so, for those parents-to-be who want a unique baby name, may we suggest turning to Babycenter’s list of names that may become extinct in 2023? From grandparent-inspired monikers (like Walter and Katherine) to names with beautiful meanings (like Joy and Arjun—“happy” and “bright”), and even ones that are a nod to pop culture (we see you, Leia), here are 20 names that may become a thing of the past. We even include how far each name has dropped in ranking between 2021 and 2022, ya know, just to be extra sure you nab an original one.

Baby Boy Names at Risk of Going Extinct

1. Arjun (down 164 spots)
2. Walter (down 162 spots)
3. Royce (down 138 spots)
4. Khalid (down 138 spots)
5. Rory (down 127 spots)
6. Nehemiah (down 110 spots)
7. Kameron (down 107 spots)
8. Wade (down 94 spots)
9. Kane (down 93 spots)
10. Kian (down 93 spots)

Baby Girl Names at Risk of Going Extinct

1. Hayden (down 203 spots)
2. Ariyah (down 129 spots)
3. Mira (down 129 spots)
4. Kate (down 129 spots)
5. Katherine (down 127 spots)
6. Hana (down 126 spots)
7. Leia (down 122 spots)
8. Joy (down 112 spots)
9. Vanessa (down 111 spots)
10. Alayah (down 102 spots)

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