Wanda Sykes made a fan laugh 'so hard' they almost choked to death

Wanda Sykes certainly made an impression credit:Bang Showbiz
Wanda Sykes certainly made an impression credit:Bang Showbiz

Wanda Sykes made a fan laugh "so hard" that they almost choked to death.

The 58-year-old comedian recently performed a live show in Memphis, Tennessee and recalled a scary moment when someone started shouting at her from the side of the stage.

Appearing on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden', she said: "I'm like, 'What's going on?' He's like, 'You need a paramedic! You need a paramedic!’

"So I’m like, ‘Can you guys get the house lights up?'. And my security went over and I was like, ‘Hey, is there a doctor? We need doctors.’

"And they went over and this guy -- apparently he had a lot to drink; there’s always alcohol involved - he was laughing so hard that he puked. He vomited, and then started choking on his vomit."

Fellow guest Joel McHale quipped: "Now that must have been a good joke."

The pair were also asked if they had ever noticed something "so strange" in careers that they've never talked about it with anyone.

Wanda laughed: "If I see something crazy, I'm saying something. I'm all over that s***, I'm all on that! Man, I see something crazy, I am on it."

Last year, Wanda hosted the Academy Awards alongside Regina Hall and Amy Schumer, and she previously admitted while it was an "amazing honour", it's not something she wants to revisit.

She quipped: "Oh, hell no! I shouldn't say it like that, but you know what it was? It was an amazing honour.

"I think it's something you wanna do. You do it once. I don't know if I would want to do it again, it's a huge job."

In 2022, that was certainly true, as the ceremony made headlines after Will Smith struck presenter Chris Rock on stage after the comedian joked about the 'King Richard' actor's wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

The show continued despite the shocking incident, and Smith went onto apologise to the Academy as he accepted his best actor trophy.

Reflecting on her reaction, Sykes added: "It was just like, what is happening? Couldn't believe it! Shocked!

"'OK, so everybody's just gonna sit here?' It was like, the show just kept going on. I would look behind the curtains, like, 'He's still sitting here?!' "