All About Walton Goggins’ Wife, Director and Writer Nadia Conners

All About Walton Goggins’ Wife, Director and Writer Nadia Conners

Fallout star Walton Goggins has been married to his wife, Nadia Conners, for over a decade now. While Goggins is most known for his portrayals onscreen, Conners is known for her work behind the camera. The creative couple started a family together in 2011 and have been documenting their lives throughout the years on their social media.

Ahead is everything to know about Conners and her relationship with Goggins.

Goggins and Conners met on a blind date.

In 2005, Goggins and Conners were set up on a blind date by one of his close friends. Goggins, however, did not know they were being set up.

“I guess it was a bit awkward,” he shared in an interview with The Talk.

Goggins went into the date thinking he was just attending a business dinner to raise money for a movie, so when Conners sat down next to him and began asking him to tell her about himself, he was a bit caught off guard, and they ended up chatting the whole night.

“I didn’t talk to anyone there that I was supposed to talk to, and at the end of it she said, ‘You’re going to take me home, right?’ And I said ‘Uh, yes,’” Goggins recalled. “When I got her home she said, ‘You’re gonna ask for my number, right?’ I said, ‘Of course I am.’”

He added, “So, then, I called her the next day, we hung out, and six months later she said, ‘Wait a minute. You didn’t know that we were on a blind date, did you?’ I said, ‘No, I had no idea! My friend never told me!’ So, for me, it was like I was getting all this attention and I didn’t know why I was getting it.”

They got married in 2011.

After six years of dating, Conners and Goggins got married in August 2011.

In September of that same year, Goggins sat down with to talk about his FX series, Justified, and in that interview he shared that one of the reasons why he fell in love with Conners is because of her wisdom, honesty, and the laughs they share together.

“I would absolutely agree with that statement that to be in a relationship with someone who has something profound to say about everything, that’s a real gift to have that in your union. I do believe, ironically, that love is the great releaser,” he shared. “There’s a reason why the song goes, ‘all you need is love, all you need is love.’ It’s powerful and maybe it’s just that simple. Even for Boyd Crowder [Goggins’ character in Justified], who has been living his life a number of ways only for him to find love and that be the greatest lesson of his life and to the greatest gift in his life. For that to happen to him, the irony is not lost on me and I think the same thing applies to reality. You know, we all want to be loved.”

For Conners’ birthday in November 2021, Goggins posted, “My wife… my best friend… 16 years I’ve had the privilege of celebrating this day with you… the way you light up a room…the way you’ve lit up my life and all those around you…the brightest candle on any cake. My God…that I get to walk this road with you…. How grateful am I. Happy happy birthday @nadiasomerset 🦂’s fuevahhh!”

Goggins and Conners share a son together.

In February 2011, Conners and Goggins had their first and only child together, a son named Augustus. Seven months later, he attended the wedding of his mom and dad. Goggins and Conners both frequently post about their son on Instagram.

This January, Goggins shared a throwback photo of a toddler Augustus wrapped around his leg, followed by a recent selfie of the two of them.

“That was then… this is now. I loved it then and I damn sure love it now. To be a parent… but to be one of two parents to this one…. Whoever I’m praying too…thank you for listening. What a privilege,” he captioned the post.

On Father’s Day in 2020, Goggins wrote a heartfelt post about Augustus.

“This one’s mine,” he began. “I’d say like father like son but truth be told, in my case, I prefer like son like father. He is kind and earnest, thoughtful and funny as shit. He is insatiably curious, empathetic, and has taught me more about being a man than anything that has happened in my life. I love you little man. Happy Father’s Day to all the great daddy’s I know and the ones I’ve yet to meet.”

In 2021, Conners posted her own Father’s Day tribute for Goggins, including photos of the father and son throughout the years in the carousel.

“Special moments in and out of character but always the father through and through. I say this every year but it the man you’ve become since becoming a father is something to behold. We love you. @waltongogginsbonafide The moon and the stars,” she wrote in the caption.

For Mother’s Day 2022, Goggins returned the favor, posting a candid photo of Conners and Augustus laughing together.

“Now that’s a mama….” he wrote. “Others may do it as well but nobody does it better. God I love the way our son loves you. And I love you too. Happy mamas day to all y’all out there.”

Conners is a writer and director.

Goggins isn’t the only member of the family with a successful career in Hollywood. Conners works as a director and writer for films. Some of her most notable credits are The 11th Hour (2007), This Is All of Us (2013), and The Uninvited, which had its world premiere on March 11, 2024 at the SXSW Film Festival. Goggins, who starred in the movie, took to Instagram to show his support for his wife and her accomplishment.

2024 sxsw conference and festival day 4
Mat Hayward - Getty Images

The Uninvited written and directed by my wife Nadia Conners. We had our premiere today at SXSW. 20 years she’s been working towards this moment,” he wrote. “To be by her side… with this cast… in this story… has been so emotionally overwhelming. I really hope you get to see it. It’s about so many things… but for the me The Uninvited is about an invitation to live a more meaningful life. I love you @nadiasomerset. I’m so very proud of you.”

She told Variety in March 2024, “This is not my marriage. I am not this woman. The character that Walt plays is not what he’s like as my husband. But making this film allowed me to explore certain resentments I had felt as a wife and a mother. It became an expensive sort of therapy.”

In November 2023, Conners shared her experience working on the film.

“I directed a movie. I can’t believe how wild and intense and beautiful and hard this last month was….” she wrote in an Instagram post. “I am so grateful to every one that showed up for this story and for helping me grow as a person and an artist. I have wanted to direct a narrative feature for 20 years. Last night we wrapped. Holy shit the emotion I feel right now is beyond words…this photo captured by @mateonikolav at the end of our second to last night says it all. 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️”

Conners is Goggins’ biggest supporter.

Conners is no stranger to hyping her man up on social media. On Sept. 7, 2022, Goggins posted an Instagram congratulating Goggins on his film, Dreamin’ Wild.

“Walton! My love! I watched you turn yourself over to Joe Emerson and not only did you learn the drums you did the big work of helping a whole family come back together to watch their story. What a journey. Congratulations on #dreaminwild premiere today in Venice!!” Conners wrote alongside a photo of Goggins and co-star Casey Affleck on the red carpet.

When Goggins celebrated his 50th birthday in November 2021, she wrote, “Walton, it’s FINALLY your 50th birthday. YOU are the life of every party but behind that charisma, humor and energy, you are the man who prepares and that takes nothing for granted; not a role, a moment, a friend, or an encounter. You inspire me endlessly by watching you spin daily life into gold. I am so damn lucky to be your partner, to watch you grow as you evolve through every high and low. I couldn't love you more my best friend and husband and father to Augustus.”

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