Walmart Customer Gets Hilarious Frosting Fail When Cake Decorator Writes Her Instructions in Birthday Message

"My face dropped," Peyton Chimack tells PEOPLE of the moment she realized the decorator had written "small, cursive, middle of cake" in the cake's icing

<p>Peyton Chimack/Tiktok</p> The style of cake lettering Peyton Chimack asked for (left) and what she received

Peyton Chimack/Tiktok

The style of cake lettering Peyton Chimack asked for (left) and what she received

When Peyton Chimack requested a special message on her birthday cake, she couldn’t have predicted the results.

Chimack tells PEOPLE that she simply wanted the confection she ordered on April 3, ahead of her 22nd birthday, to say “Aries baby.”

The Illinois resident placed the order at her local Walmart and wrote in parentheses, “small, cursive, middle of cake,” after seeing the style on TikTok. Two days later, she returned to the store to pick up the cake with a friend.

“I was like, ‘Should we check it before we leave?’ And my friend was like, ‘No, I don't think we need to. I'm sure they know what they're doing,’” she recalls.

When they got to the car, she was in for a surprise.

“She opened the box and my face dropped because I was like, ‘Why is there so much writing on it?’” she continues. It was then that Chimack realized the cake’s message included her instructions for how to format the icing.

“We couldn't stop laughing and we FaceTimed all of our friends and were showing them and no one else could believe it,” she says. “They were like, ‘Are you kidding me?'"

<p>Peyton Chimack/Tiktok</p> The cake Peyton Chimack received after the decorator misinterpreted her instructions as being part of the message

Peyton Chimack/Tiktok

The cake Peyton Chimack received after the decorator misinterpreted her instructions as being part of the message

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The pair went back inside the store and since the cake decorator was on her lunch break, shared the story with the butcher, whose “face dropped.”

When the decorator returned from lunch, Chimack told her, "You don't need to remake the whole cake. If you could just scrape off the top of it and rewrite it, that's all we need."

Chimack wrote her name and phone number on a piece of paper so the Walmart employee could call her when the updated icing was finished. While they were still nearby, Chimack says she overheard the butcher shout to the cake decorator that she didn’t “want that on the cake” and “just wants ‘Aries baby’” and realized the decorator was about to write her name and number on the cake.

“Luckily we had come back up when we did,” she says. “So then finally we wrote exactly how we wanted it. We put ‘Aries baby,’ in cursive on the piece of paper in small font.”

While the final result was not written in cursive, she said, "It's fine, we'll just take it as is."

<p>Peyton Chimack/Tiktok</p> The inspiration for her request

Peyton Chimack/Tiktok

The inspiration for her request

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A video Chimack shared on TikTok detailing the cake fail has racked up more than 600,000 views since she posted it April 8.

“Everyone was like, ‘I would've left the cake as is. That's a treasure to keep forever,’” she says of the response she’s gotten on social media.

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Chimack advises other cake customers to be as detailed as possible when specifying their wishes. “In the instruction or the notes section I would say, ‘Please write the writing in small cursive and in the middle of the cake,’ because I put that in parentheses,” she says.

However, the ordeal didn’t stop Chimack from enjoying her birthday celebration. “It made it a lot more fun, honestly, that that had happened because then it was a joke the whole rest of the night,” she says.

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