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Bad aim

Season 6, “Twice As Far”
Dwight was the one with the poor crossbow skills, but it was Denise who suffered the consequences when she was out on a supply run with Daryl and Rosita. As Denise was telling her friends how brave and smart and good they are, an arrow came flying out of nowhere and right through Denise’s skull. She was dead … via an arrow Dwight meant to land in Daryl’s noggin.

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'The Walking Dead': 13 of the survivors' unluckiest moments

Kimberly Potts
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

To celebrate the Oct. 22 Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead — the series’ 100th episode — Yahoo TV will be posting a new TWD-related story every day through the season opener.

Anyone who’s still alive in the world of The Walking Dead owes that fact, partially at least, to luck. They’ve all experienced plenty of instances of bad luck too, but there’s simply no way life goes on for you in the apocalypse if a lot of things haven’t broken in your favor along the way. In honor of Friday the 13th — a day that, luckily, brings us one day closer to the TWD Season 8 premiere — here’s a look back at 13 times the Walking Dead gang suffered devastating, and sometimes deadly, misfortune.

The Walking Dead Season 8 premieres Oct. 22 at 9 p.m. on AMC.