'Voice' Fans Go Wild After John Legend Brings Up Kelly Clarkson

'Voice' Fans Go Wild After John Legend Brings Up Kelly Clarkson

It's only the second week of blind auditions on this season of The Voice, and already there's a bit of drama among the judges. Luckily, this latest incident actually left fans excited, begging for the return of a fan-favorite judge from previous seasons.

In a recent Instagram video clip shared by the show's official account, season 25 judge John Legend was asked who he would choose to share the new "double chair" with. For those unfamiliar, the double chair was introduced this season to accommodate new judges musical group Dan + Shay since it's the first time two artists will coach one team.

The person John himself would love to pair up with, though? Singer, talkshow host and former Voice judge Kelly Clarkson!

"Kelly Clarkson is an amazing vocalist, of course, great voice coach and, we often went head-to-head on choices which means we would turn for similar artists," John said. "So I'm gonna say I would team up with Kelly."

We don't know how serious he was, but Kelly herself couldn't resist cheekily responding to him in the comment section. "Don’t invite mama, she’ll show up 😂," she wrote — and boy did the fans go wild about the possible reunion.

john legend and kelly clarkson taking a selfie between filming season 16 of the voice
John Legend and Kelly Clarkson taking a selfie between filming season 16 of The Voice.NBC

"That would be a legendary duo 🔥," someone chimed in. "UNSTOPPABLE TEAM, MAKE IT HAPPEN PLEASE," another person begged. "My two biggest idols on one team would be LIFE CHANGING… 😭❤️," one said. A different person wrote, "You and Kelly would be a force to be reckoned with! Let's make it happen! Lol".

We'd have to agree that the "All of Me" singer and "Stronger" pop star would be a pretty unstoppable duo, and although Kelly spent quite a few years on the show, coaching for seasons 14 through 21 and season 23, her busy schedule with taping The Kelly Clarkson Show would probably keep her too busy to rejoin the show — at least for now. Nevertheless, we're keeping our fingers crossed!

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