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Monday 30, March

Mars, the planet of drive, moves into Aquarius today, creating a major change in the cosmic vibe. For the next six weeks, this super motivating planet will be in your house of work, so you may feel like a busy bee and there could be some long days ahead of you. Just make sure to schedule in downtime so you don't overdo it.

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Sunday 29, March

Relationship communication is confusing and messy today. Better to just agree to disagree and trust that both parties are only seeing the situation through their own emotional lens and not for the way things really are. Coming to any kind of mutual understanding is challenging at best and contentious for sure.

Friday 27, March

The high vibes return today and not a moment too soon. Venus, the love and beauty planet, has wonderful support from big daddy Jupiter bringing all of the gifts and blessings. This means your love life, your creativity and your overall state of mind is on the upswing. You have what you need.

Thursday 26, March

The Moon moves into your sister earth sign of Taurus today, which is perfect for supporting your fascination with all things lovely. Yes, beauty is where it's at now. Let yourself linger and immerse in what you love without guilt or regret. You deserve a day devoted exclusively to sweetness, darling.

Wednesday 25, March

The Sun-Chiron merger of the day is hitting some uncomfortable spots in your psyche. Let them come up and pierce and cleanse you without feeling too deeply attached to the narrative behind them. It's a day to just feel the hurt and then let it go so you can move forward into the new paradigm.

Tuesday 24, March

The New Moon has arrived and she is putting you back in touch with some of your most basic but essential desires and core values about who you are why you are here. Having looked change and loss right in the face, you no longer have to fear anything, because your resilience is leading the way.

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