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Monday 18, November

Today's lunar energy reminds you to take a much-needed pause and treat yourself lavishly. If this means escaping into your favourite spa or retreat setting, do it. You cannot be on 24-7 without burnout. You're starting to realize just how much you need attention to your soul.

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Sunday 17, November

The get Moon will hang out in Cancer until this evening, giving you a bit more time to explore your social side. If you didn't get to do brunch with your besties yesterday, try to that on the calendar today, Virgo. You need to be surrounded by a group of people that really get you.

Saturday 16, November

The Moon remains in Cancer, filling up your social zone with warm and nurturing energy. This can bring you much closer to your friends, so it's perfect for reconnecting to someone that you've been estranged from or just haven't spoken to in a while. Reach out, Virgo - it's worth the effort.

Friday 15, November

The Moon moves from Gemini to Cancer today, taking you from career obsession to a craving for friends. It's rather perfectly timed, as the lunar energy will highlight your professional ambitions early in the day, and will begin to ignite your social life by evening - right at the beginning of the weekend.

Thursday 14, November

Neptune is squaring Venus today, making everything feel like an impressionist painting. In other words, reality is hard to come by and boundaries are totally blurred, Virgo. This is especially the case for your long-term partnerships - communication continues to be a hot mess, so repeat yourself and listen very carefully.

Wednesday 13, November

This retrograde is not kidding around in general, but today is a whole other level of whoa. With your ruler Mercury kicking it with both Saturn and Neptune, everything feels a bit all over the place. It's not helping at all that the Moon is in Gemini. You may jump from goal to goal without actually accomplishing anything, Virgo.

Tuesday 12, November

Today's Full Moon lands in Taurus, your sister earth sign. This is extremely powerful and potent for you, Virgo - especially in the realm of raising your consciousness. You want to explore, learn, and immerse yourself in new cultures. Dare to soak up all the wisdom around you - then integrate it.

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