Virgin River: Inside Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson's sweet bond away from the show

Viewers adore Virgin River for its heartwarming storyline and scenic backdrop – but the cast, in particular leading stars Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, have quite the fan base themselves.

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Fans unsurprisingly love watching their on-screen chemistry as Mel Monroe and Jack Sheridan, but in real life it seems the actor's a great friends too! See inside their sweet bond away from the Netflix show…

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Earlier this week, Alexandra, who is also known for her role in This Is Us, shared a video to her Instagram showing pictures and reels of her time filming season four which came out earlier this year.

Martin, along with other cast members like Tim Matheson, could be seen joking around on set in between takes. One part showed Alexandra and Martin laying on the bed in between takes as they chatted to each other and the camera crew. The star's caption read: "Thanks iPhone. Season 4."

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The actors are firm friends

Another moment saw the pair having a pillow fight, as the final shot saw them embracing in a hug – cute!

Earlier this month, the pair also couldn't resist making a Tik Tok video together. The funny video sees both actors pulling funny faces to each other and the camera, with the caption reading: "If you only knew the scene we were filming VRS5."

The actor's social media pages are often full of funny videos and pictures together, and fans are always vocal about how much they love witnessing their friendship. One person commented on a recent post: "How good it is to see you two together."


Fans also adore their on-screen chemistry 

A second agreed, writing: "Love seeing you two together," as a third said: "Do you realise how much you brighten our days just by laughing together like this?"

Alexandra herself spoke about their rapport on set. After filming their engagement scene, she told Glamour that Martin had become emotional. "After we did a couple takes, he said, 'Oh, I'm getting emotional.' I was like, 'Oh, that's so cute,'" she said.

The Mel actress also revealed a hilarious prank her co-star played on her: "The scene in the bedroom was a long, five-page scene. At one point I come back into the room after they shifted the camera, and I see Martin laying in bed. And he whips the covers open and he's got on a corset top and I think a whip. He was playing a prank on me, but I wasn't really shocked. I didn't give him the reaction he wanted," she laughed.

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