The Viral Zit Popping Cake Is So Gross – But We Can't Look Away

disgusted person grimacing
disgusted person grimacing -

Have you ever seen a cake so realistic-looking that you forgot it was actually edible? There are cakes that appear identical to steaks, rubber duckies, and vegetables (just to name a few). Indeed, there are cakes mimicking practically anything you can imagine, and even Reddit thinks the realistic cake trend has gotten out of hand. If you believe realistic cakes are solely made with beautiful aesthetics, though, think again. There are cakes that'll make your stomach churn, including cat litter box-, severed bloody head-, and even cockroach-themed cakes. If you're not already feeling queasy, then a realistic zit popping cake might just be the thing to finally put you over the edge.

One of the grossest cakes we've ever seen is a realistic pimple popping cake made for -- you guessed it -- a dermatologist. If the idea of a pimple popping cake causes you to squirm, brace yourself, because this dessert is actually multi-tiered in order to represent each layer of the skin, complete with hair follicles and several zits. One of the standout (and arguably worst) features is that the pimples actually pop when squeezed, oozing a white liquid, just like they do in real life. The video of the cake, complete with the popping of zits, is definitely something you can't tear your eyes away from, even if your brain is telling you, "NO." Of course, we had to share this video with our readers, but be warned: It may be the grossest thing you'll see today.

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Could You Eat A Pimple Cake?

person throwing away cake
person throwing away cake - Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock

The TikTok user behind this pimple cake crafted the dessert for their sister's boss, a dermatologist who is presumably used to popping zits. As only a dermatologist could do, they expertly squeeze the pimples while wearing latex gloves, producing a white, pus-like substance in the process. According to the video, it's only vanilla pudding, but given the "eeks" and "ahhs" heard, that's a bit hard to believe.

People have been quick to share their thoughts on the video and state if, in fact, they themselves could eat the cake. Many of the commenters think the dessert looks awesome and realistic, but more to the point, it isn't appetizing enough to eat. One person writes, "This is creative, but I just couldn't even get paid to eat it. The mind is a tricky thing!" Many are complimenting the baker on their talent and attention to detail -- down to the veins and shading -- but it's unclear if anyone ever did actually consume the cake. Some social media users are asking that very question, but the answer remains unknown. Rest assured, though, if a pimply dessert is too much for you to handle, there are plenty of other cake recipes out there that don't resemble bumpy skin.

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